Swami Desikan’s Adhikara Sangraham: Prabhandam-5,6


25 November 2021, Plava varusha, Karthikai -09, Thursday ;


For aeons, we struggled and suffered in this karma bhUmi as nithya samsAris. In this birth, however, we are blessed to benefit from the essence of upadEsams of the One who
incarnated to rule us (aaLa vanthAr) and held firmly in our mind the cardinal tenets taught by him like the Jeevan is different from the body and the other Tatthvams. We became the daasAs to Swamy AaLavanthAr. From here on, we shall never engage in the studies of Para Mathams that teach inappropriate subjects in the context of our ujjeevanam.
The key passage here is: “AaLavanthAr adiyOm ini alvazhakkup-padiyOm”


The two devout nephews (KeezhayatthAzhwAn and MElahayathAzhwAn) were taught by
their uncle, Swamy Naathamuni, the gaandharva vEdam (Naadham and TaaLam) for
singing dhivya prabhandhams with the appropriate beats. Swamy Naathamuni also blessed his other disciple with instruction on the path of yOgam (yOga Maargam) for the benefit of the world. We are redeemed by meditating daily on the sacred feet of Swamy Naathamuni of illustrious fame for our spiritual upliftment. For us who are blessed with this good fortune of links to Swamy Naathamuni, there is no one who can equal us.
The key passage of this paasuram is: “Naathamuni kazhalE naaLum ThozhuthezhuvOm–
naanilatthu namakku nihar aarr?”

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri. V. Sadagopachariar

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