Unjal Utsavam For SriRanganayaki :Day-7


13 November 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-27, Saturday;

Unjal utsavam is celebrated for SriRanganayaki in Sri Ranganathaswami temple at Srirangam. Everyday, Thayar comes in procession from Sannidhi to the unjal mandapam. Thayar is adorned in different alankaram everyday. Utsavam was celebrated in a very grand manner for seven days since 06 November 2021 till 12 November 2021. On the final day of Unjal utsavam, Vishesha Sattrumurai was performed.

On Day-7, 12 November 2021,

Today’s Sathupadi reminds us of her Thirunamam. “Padmapriyayey namah:”- Lover of Lotus,which coincides with the final day of sathupadi in lotus colour. Thayar was adorned in silk garments of lotus pink and blue combination, with Abhaya Hastham made of precious stones and matching coral chain, Thirumangalyam, chain with embossed Ranganathar pendant, looked enthrallinhg. Souri kondai and the flowers adorned on it, with hair accessories looked so marvelous. Flower garland is made of Vrikshi flowers, jasmine and dhavanam added beauty to the sathupadi. The Unjal mandapam was also decorated withvarieties of flowers including Lotus Flowers, which is loved by “Padmagandhinya”-(Thayar)lover of fragrance of Lotus.

Today’s sathupadi reminds her kalyana gunam, “Chandrayey Namah”-means as cool as The Moon, and “Prasadhabhimukhyey namah”- meaning, who emerged to grant boons to the surrendered devotees.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: SriRengavilasam

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