Pushpa Yagam At Tirumala


12 November 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-26, Friday;

Srivari Pushpa yagam was celebrated in a very grand manner, it is celebrated during the month of karthika, in Pushpa mandapam, on the day of shravana nakshtaram at Tirumala Tirupathi. It is celebrated to rectify or seeking apologise for any faults or shortfalls in pooja during the  year by the archakas, devotees and other employees of the temple.

Totally, almost 20 types of flowers are used in pushpayagam. Samanthi, Sampangi, Roja, Jasmine, Vrikshi, Mullai, Kanakambaram, Lotus, Manasampangi flowers, Tulsi, Maruvam, Davanam, Bilvam, Paneeru, Kadiri Pachai, etc were used. Flowers were supplied by devotees from Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, telengana and Karnataka and 150 kgs from Srivari garden.

On this occasion, Veda Pandits recited Rugveda, Shuklayajurveda, Krishna Yajurveda, Samaveda, Adharvana Vedas. Thirumanjanam was performed for perumal with His consorts, followed by alankaram. Alankaram of Perumal along with His consorts was a wonderful sight. They were adorned with silk garments and seated on decorated mandapam with pushpa alankaram.

Many devotees assembled in the venue and got the blessing of Sri Venkateshwara.

Photos taken during the event can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Jogi Reddy Ramanuja Dasan

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