Swami Desikan’s Ashtabhujashtakam: Sloka-8


08 November 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-22, Monday;



Once a prapanna has done prapatti, moksham is guaranteed at the end of this life, and the prapanna spends the rest of his life in great bliss by performing selfless kainkaryam at the feet of Bhagavan. The life of a prapanna after prapatti is described in detail in Nyasa Tilakam etc. In sloka 8 of this stotra Swami Desikan briefly restates this.

The key words of this 8th slOkam are: “Thvath anugrahAth prAptha abhilAshAm mAm, Tava pAdha padhmE AathmAnandha kaimkarya rasam vidhEyA:” (adiyEn has been blessed through Your grace to realize my desire. May Thou grant me the bliss of performing kiamkaryam to You and Your Devi until this body falls down. May this kaimkaryam be completely free from any aparAdhams).


The key words of this slOkam are: “AshtabhujAshtakam yEthath jagadhAm SrEyasE” (This sthothram on the Lord with 8 hands has 8 slOkams. This sthOthram will shower sarva mangaLams on the people of this earth).

Oh Lord, You are the food during the journey of those, who have completed their prapatthis; for those, who wish to perform their Prapatthi, You are like a potent medicine against the disease of samsAram. This sthOthram about Yourself accompanied by Sri Devi will confer all auspiciousness on the reciters.

The prose order for this slOkam is: “SaraNAgatha santhrANa thvarA, dhviguNa bAhunA HariNA VenkateeSAyaa iyam sthuthi:sveekriyathAm”. Normally, the Lord has four hands. In His hurry to rush to the side of the SaraNAgathAs and protect them, He has developed two sets of Four hands.

(MEANING): This sthOthram has been composed by VenkatEsa Kavi on the Ashtabhuja EmperumAn, who out of His hurry to protect SaraNAgathAs has assumed double the number of His chathur bhujams. adiyEn with the name of VenkatEsa Kavi requests the Lord to accept the eight slOkams of this sthOthram on Him with His eight hands !

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopachariar

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