Abhidistavam: Sloka-9


31 October 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-14, Sunday;

Swamy Desikan asks a rhetoric question here and answers it: Ranga PrabhO! “Ka Iva (tava) tE divya GuNA: kAtaree haraNa dheekshithA: na?” (Which namam/name of Your KalyANa guNams has not vowed to remove our fears? None).


 Oh Lord of Srirangam!

(1) In this world one seeks the fruits like Dharma, arTa and Kaamam thru their various efforts.

 (2) A few engage in crossing this SamsAric world admixed with the three guNams of Satthvam, Rajas and Tamas and seek Moksha Sukham. For this purpose, they commit to Bhakthi Yogam or perform SaraNAgathy (Prapatthi Yogam).

 (3) Few more are for enjoying your archA roopam here at Srirangam and pray for the removal of obstacles that stand in the way of your nithya AarAdhanam resulting from detestable invasion by the army.

These three groups of people wish to be blessed with success in their endeavors; while being engaged in the execution of these tasks, they are overcome with fear some times about realizing victory in their efforts. This is nothing but a natural reaction. In those troubling times, these saadhakAs contemplate on your auspicious guNAs. Those GuNAs respond with alacrity, when such fears raise their heads and the GuNAs extend their hands and lift the SaadhakAs out of the net of fear that had encircled them. The response of GuNAs in this manner is due to the vows they have taken to come to the rescue of Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs, when they become fearful about the success in their efforts. The SaadhakAs succeed now with the welcome intervention of the KalyANa guNAs of the Lord of Srirangam. Oh Ranga PrabhO! In these matters of rescuing Your bhakthAs, every one of Your KalyANa GuNAs are equally potent. They all shine with matchless glory and equal splendour.

In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan salutes the Vaathsalyam and Dayaa of Lord of Srirangam, which save the chEtanan from being lost in the temptations of SamsAric pleasures and propels him to higher goal of Moksham.


Here, Swamy Desikan salutes the KalyANa guNams of the Lord as rakshaNa dheekshithankaL (vowed to protect) for those who experience bheethi over gaining dharmaarTa-kaama purushArthams or Kaivalya sukham as their goals. Oh RanganAtha! When any skAlithyam (interruption and obstacle) are met in reaching these desired phalans, Your divine attributes (dhivya guNams) extend their hands to banish the experienced fears. Even if You appear to be sleeping (engaged in Yoga nidhraa), Your guNaas in general and the Dayaa guNam in particular are wide awake to rush to our rescue.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri. V.Sadagopachariar

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