Aippasi thula Utsavam in Sri Semmponnarangan Temple at Thirunangur: Day-4


02 November 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-16, Tuesday;

Aippasi thula Utsavam commenced on 28 october 2021, in Sri Semmponnarangan Temple at Thirunangur. Dwajarohanam and homam took place on the first day of utsavam. Perumal is adorned in different alankaram in different Vahanam everyday.

Day-4(31 October 2021): In the morning, Perumal came in procession in Palakku during Thiruveedhi purappadu in Sri Semponnarangan Temple at Thirunangur.

In the evening, Perumal adorned in Garuda Vahanam gave darshan to the devotees during procession. Alankaram was done beautifully for Perumal like a king and adorned with multi colour garlands, which was a wonderful sight for the assembled devotees. Thiruveedhi Purappadu on Garuda Vahanam in his Raja Nadai(Walk like a King) was a wonderful sight. Veda Prabhanda Goshti arulicheyal during the Purappadu was enthralling.

Photos captured during Day-4 utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Pichai Deekshidar

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