Ennai Kappu on Aippasi-Pournami at Vanamamalai temple


Vanamamalai Divyadesam is located in Nanguneri near Tirunelveli and is also known as Totathrikshetram or Vanamamalai. It is also referred to as Bhooloka Vaikuntham. Vanamamalai is home to the Vanamamalai Jeeyar Mutt. This sthalam is also named as Nanguneri, Sri Varamangai and Vaanama malai. On Pournami, which fell on 21 October 2021, Aippasi Ennai Kappu was performed. Perumal was mounted on Garuda Vahanam, Thayar on Gajalakshmi Vahanam and Sri Andal on Sesha Vahanam gave darshan to the devotees on Pournami.

ENNAI KINARU: Inside this sthalam, an oil well is present of 25 feet height and 15 feet width. The well doesnot have water but rich oil and the well extracts oil instead of water. The oil which is found in the well is said to have the medicinal values and said that it cures many diseases. Daily, thirumanjanam is done for Perumal of this sthalam using 6 padis (1 padi= around 1 1/2 Kgs) of Gingely oil and Sandal wood oil. After the thirumanjanam is completed, the oils are poured into the well itself. If any devotees need some amount of oil from the well, they must give the same amount of gingely oil to the devasthanam and it is poured into the well and they receive the medicinal oil as Prasadam.

Photos taken during the event can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy:Vanamamalai Thothadri Mutt

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