Abhidistavam: Sloka-6


24 October 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-7, Sunday;


This slOkam is an echo of Sri VarAha Charama slOkam.


 iha= here (on this earth)

Ya: manasi sTithE = One who holds his mind in a steady and good state

vigrahE guNini = and with his body in a healthy state

dhAthu SaamyE = augmented by dhAthus (Kapa, Pittha, Vaadham) in good balance (equilibrium) Sathy = when the mind, body and dhAthus are in an optimal state of health

akhila dEhinam ajam ThVam jaathuchith smarEth = If that blessed person were to then think of You even once and were to perform Prapatthi one time at Your sacred feet,

 aTa dheerga nidhrAvasam taMM = for such a person, at the end of his life, when he is in the grip of death

 (tamm) tayA samdhayA yEva = by that very thought itself of You, the Lord and the power of the earlier Prapatthi done by that Mumukshu

Svayam vihitha samsmruthi: = You create out of Your own sankalpam anthima smrithi of You in that chEtanam’s mind during those last moments

 nai: SrEyasam dhaama nayasi khalu = and You, the Lord leads that Prapannan to Sri Vaikuntam, Your supreme abode. Moksha Sukham is enjoyed by that Muktha Jeevan as a result of thinking of you, the Lord, when the mind, body and faculties were in tact and thru the performance of his Prapatthi at that time.

(EXTENDED MEANING): Oh  n a healthy state, the body has strength and the controlling dhAthus (Kapam, Pittham and Vaadham) are in equipoise. In response to the Prapatthi done under the circumstances, Oh timeless Lord of Srirangam! You remember this chEtanam at the end of his life, when that chEtanam is like a log or stone and unable to think of You, You create then anthima smruthi about You in his mind and lead this jeevan to Your Supreme abode to enjoy Moksha sukham there. The chEtanam is thus freed from the fear of naraka vaasam due to the power of his earlier prapatthi done when his mind, body and dhAthus were at their state.


Here, Swamy Desikan constructs the slOkam with the words that arose out of VarAha PerumAn’s mouth (VarAha Charama slOkam) and reminds us that there is nothing to fear. Swamy Desikan has elaborated on VarAha charama slOkam in His esoteric miscellany (ChillaRai rahasyam) of Rahasya SikhAmaNi. We perform our Prapatthi to Sriman Narayanan, who is the indweller of all sentients and insentients. He is eternal (nithyan). Unlike karma-bound jeevans, He is not limited by time. He has the most adorable six guNams befitting His name as BhagavAn. He is our ultimate resort for Moksham. He is Moksha-dhAyaka Mukundan. If we are unable to think of Him in our ultimate moments (anthima smruthi), He will still remember our Prapatthi to Him and will lead the prapanna Jeevan to His supreme abode (nissrEyas) to enjoy ParipoorNa BhramAnandham there.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri. V.Sadagopachariar

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