“Bhag Savari” festival in Tirumala


17 October 2021, Plava varusha, Purattasi-31, Sunday;

Tirumala Brahmotsavam started from 07 october 2021,dwajarohanam and celebrated in a very enthusiastic manner.For the past ten days, Sri Srinivasar along with His consorts, gave darshan to the devotees in beautiful alankaram and in different Vahanams.As a part of Brahmotsavam celebrations, “Bhag savari” festival was celebrated, on the next day of completion of Brahmotsavam.

“Bhag Savari ” festival was organized on Saturday evening(16 october 2021) at the Ranga Naya Kula Mandapam of Tirumala Srivari temple.

It is a pleasure to witness ” Bhag Savari ” festival, which is performed the next day after the annual Brahmotsavam completion. In the background of mytical event, to test the devotion of  Swami Ananthazhwar ,  Lord Sri Srinivasar, Sridevi came in human form. The goddess who was cutting flowers in his garden,was being captured by Ananthazhwar to the ashwatta tree. Later, Ananthazhwar will regret realizing that it is the swami who came to test his devotion. Immediately he freed the goddess from the captive, made him sit in a flower basket and sent Sridevi to the lord himself. From then on, Perumal, according to his wish, on the next day of Brahmotsavam, Marunadu, said that he will visit the garden of Ananthalvaru and return to the temple.

Photos of the utsavam can be viewed below:

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