Srivari Brahmotsavam at Tirumala: Day-4


11 October 2021, Plava varusha, Purattasi-25, Monday;

Day-4 vahanam:- 10 October 2021, Morning: kalpaka Vruksham

Sri Malayappa swamy was adorned the kalyanamanadapam, Tirumala. Swamy was adorned beautifully with blue silk garments with beautiful flower garlands and jewels in Rajamannar alankaram in Kalpaka vruksham in Kalyana mandapam at Tirumala hills. Sri Venkateshwara swamy in Rajamannar signifies that he is the saviour of the whole world and  gives confidence that, He is there to save all His devotees, like a Kalpa vruksham, which fulfill all the wishes which is prayed for.

In the afternoon, Snapana thriumanjanam was also performed I manner,n a grand with garlands made of cloves, cardamom, pearls, lotus flowers with matching kireedom. Thirumanjanam was performed in Ranga nayakula mandapam.

Day4-evening: Sarvabhupala Vahanam

Sri malayappaswam with His consorts, adorned the Sarva bhupala vahanam, dressed up as Kalinga mardhana Krishna. The mandapam was decorated with tons of flowers of different varieties. The alankaram sendsa message to the devotee that Srinivasa perumal is there to save all the devotees in this kaliyuga at anytime of need, as He is the “kaliyuga kannkanda deivam”. Deepa Harathi  was performed with limited devotees belonging to administration office of tirumala devasthanam, followed by Veda Prabhanda parayanam. Photos of the Brahmotsavam can be viewed below:

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