Navarathri utsavam celebrations in Sri Varadharajaperumal temple at Kanchipuram Day 4 and 5


10 October 2021, Plava varusha, Purattasi-24, Sunday;

Navarathri utsavam celebrations  commenced on 06 October 2021 in a grand manner in  Sri Varadharajaperumal temple at Kanchipuram. Every day, Sathupudi was beautifully performed with various combinations of pushpam and Divya dampathis are adorned so beautifully in different silk attires and varieties of abharanams.

On Day4- Perarulalan was in disguise of Venugoplaswamy and thayar adorned in pinkish and red silk saree with tri-colour garland.

On day-5, thayar was looking beautiful in her tri-colour silk saree with garland made of jasmine, samandhi, davanam, red roses which added to the beauty of alankaram. Devotees can have darshan of Divya dampathis in Serthi Sevai everyday. Photos of the utsavam taken during the day 4 & day 5 can be viewed below:

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