Avatara utsavam celebration in Sri VaidyaVeeraraghaya swamy temple at Tiruvallur


09 October 2021, Plava varusha, Purattasi-23, Saturday;

Thirunakshatra mahotsavam celebrations of Sri Vedantha Desikan commenced on 06 October 2021 in a grand manner in Sri Vaidya vaeeraraghava swamy temple  at tiruvallur .

On occasion of Avatara utsavam, navarathri utsavam and Srimad Adivan Sadagopa swamy utsavam also coincides . Alankaram was performed beautifully with various combinations of flowers and jewels. Thayar was in beautiful pink and violet silk vastram with tri-colour garlands of samandhi, vrikshi and davanam flowers, which looked so beautiful and flower garland made of vrikshi flower garland, enhanced the beauty.Veera raghavan ,in disguise of Kodandaramar looks graceful during purappadu.

Similarly,Alankaram for Swamy Desikan was performed so gracefully with tri colour garland, matching that of Divya dampathi. Sukravara purappadu-Dual purappadu also took place adding to the Mahotsavam.

Photos of the utsavam can be viewed as follows:

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