Swamy Desikan’s “Abhidisthavam”-Sloka 4


Anaga = Oh One free of any dhOsham!

Thvath aparAdhata: Bibhyatha: = fearing about trespassing Your commands (Saasthra

ullangana bheethi) and committing apachArams to You

Maruth = Vaayu dEvan

TaraNi = Soorya dEvan

Paavaka: = Agni dEvan

thridaSanATa: = Indhran, the lord of dEvAs

Kaala aadhaya: = Yama dharma RaajA and other dEvAs

Udhyatham vajram iva (tava) mahath bhayam = with great fear for You, who is like a mighty tall and powerful VajrAyudham

sva kruthyam adhikurvathE = they perform their assigned duties.

ithi yath kimapi SrUyathE = thus declare the Upanishads about their fears born out of

reverence for You.

tath Ya: iha thAvaka: sthAvaka: = Any one in this world recognizes and eulogizes this fear of gods for You crosses the bheethi caused by SamsAric sorrows.


Oh blemish less (hEya rahitha) Sri RanganAthA! The beings of this and the other world go about executing their duties assigned by Your SaasthrAs fearing the punishments that would be meted out for violation of Your commands. Included in this category are Vaayu, Sooryan, Agni, Indhran, Yaman and other celestial servants of Yours. They faithfully and reverentially perform their duties assigned by You. Out of fear about incurring Your displeasure, they strive to do their duties. Their fears arising from any lapse in their duties are described by Upanishads. Any one in this world remembers these fears of DevAs and salute you with deep devotion thru their sthuthis and are not affected by these fears. You direct such lucky ones to SadAchAryAs, who help them perform Prapatthi at Your sacred feet and as a result gain MOksha Sukham. After that, where would be the reason for that SamsAri to have any fear? One of the Upanishadic passages describing the fear of the DevAs is from the sixth chapter of KatOpanishad:

Bhayath Asya Agni: tapathy bhayAth tapathy Soorya:

BhayAth Indhrasccha Vaayusccha Mruthyur-dhAvathy panchama:

— KatOpanishad: 6.3


From Fear of Him fire burns; the Sun shines from the fear of Him; Indhra, Vaayu and Death, the fifth run (function).

avyakthAtthu Para: PurushO vyApakOalinga yEva cha

yamm Jn~AthvA muchyathE amruthathvam cha gacchathy

— KatOpanishad: 6.8


The Supreme Self is superior to that of unmanifest. He is the all pervader (VishNu/ VyApakan) and the uninferrable. Knowing Him (the Parama Purushan), the creature (SamsAri bound by the three guNams) gets liberated (freed from fear) and attains immortality (abheethi maya mOksham). The muktha jeevan enjoys nithyAnandham and is freed from any kind of Bheethi. As one overcomes the Bheethi with the anugraham of the Lord, One climbs upwards to the godhead of Truth and Bliss, where the seats of immortality are (yathRamruthAsa aasathE — Rg Vedam: IX.15.2).


“iha tath bhayam thAvaka: sthavaka: tarathy” is the key message here. In this world, one who eulogizes You crosses over (overcomes) the fear experienced by Your servants for trespassing your commands. That the world experiences such fears about trespassing your aj~naa is a sure sign of Your status as Brahman. Swamy Desikan asserts here that one, who is conscious that he is Yours, and who sings Your praise, need not fear even from the mighty bolt of vajra weapon.

Source: Sri Oppiliappan koil Sri Varadharajachari Sadagopan Swamy

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