Swamy Desikan’s “Abhidisthavam”-Sloka 3



RangEswara = Oh Lord of Srirangam!

Mitha BuddhinA = with the limited intellect of mine

BahuLa mOha bhAjA mayA = (and) with the huge amount of ignorance (aj~nAnam)

possessed by adiyEn

guNa graTitha Kaaya-Vaang-manasa vrutthi vaichithrayatha: = (this worship is being done by) my body, speech and mind controlled by the many interplays of the three guNams.

Yath adhya atarkika hitha ahitha krama visEsaham aarabhyathE = This worship of mine full of blemishes commenced without much thought to the unique auspiciousness or otherwise of such AaarAdhAanam of You, my Lord.

Tadhapi uchitham archanam parigruhANa = (even this imperfect AarAdhanam) please accept as appropriate and well meant.


Oh Lord of Thiruvarangam! adiyEn is of limited intellect. AdiyEn’s lack of discriminative knowledge and nescience clouds my vision and causes problems in comprehending correctly. Your MahA Tatthvams, VibhUthis and anantha kalyANa guNams. AdiyEn’s body, mind and speech are pulled here and there by the three guNams of Prakruthi (Sathva-Rajas and Tamas) and commit me to perform many undesirable acts most of the time and some desirable. One such desirable act is the engagement in saluting you thru this eulogy. Even in this effort moderated by the three guNams, adiyEn does not have the vivEkam to know that acts like this are commendable and that other acts like engagement in material sukham are to be avoided. AdiyEn has not commenced this sthuthi about you with that kind of clarity of mind. Even with all these deficiencies, Oh Ranga PrabhO, Please display Your Sahaja KaruNyam and accept even this offering (ArAdhanam) with dhOshams as adiyEn’s ThiruvArAdhanam for you and accept it.


1. “adhya”: NOW, it is the time of when my mind is agitated by the aggressive invasions by the Muslims of Your RaajadhAni; my mind is also attracted to vishaya sukhams even in these terrible times. NOW, adiyEn is incapable of performing the required archanams and AarAdhanams to You.

2. adiyEn engages in various unacceptable acts due to the influence of our three GuNams. What are they? These are (a) akruthya KaraNam /Persisting in performing acts prohibited by the Bhagavth Saasthrams (b) avAchya Vaadham (speaking about forbidden / inauspicious topics), (c) vakthavya avaadham (keeping silent on topics that should be talked about), (d) asmaraneeya smaraNam (thinking about forbidden things), Smarthavya asmaraNam (not mediating on things that should be reflected upon).

3. Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan points out that this slOkam deals with the plight of a pious devotee placed in a non-congenial climate for a devoted life of service to God.

Source:Sri Oppiliappan koil Sri Varadhachari Sadagopan Swamy

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