Srimath Srimushnam Andavan vaibhavam


Starting from today i will be sharing Vaibhavam of Srimath Srimushnam Andavan.


VedhAntha lakshmana muneendra krupAtthabOdham
ThadpAdha yugmasaraseeruha brungha rAjam
Thraiyantha yugma kruthaboori parisramamtham
Sriranga lakshmana munim saranam prapadhyE

We prostrate at the holy feet of Sri Ranga Ramanauja Maha Desikan who had his Bhara samarpanam at the holy feet of Vedhantha Ramanuja Maha Desikan. Having gained with enormous involvement, the wealth of Sri sampradayic knowledge/Ubhaya Vedhantham granthas from his Acharya, he whirrs as a honeybee at His lotus feet. Salutations to Srimath Ranga Ramanuja maha Desikan

Prakrutham Srimad Andavan was born in Srimushnam, a swayam vyaktha Kshethra, in south arcot district, on a Vaikasi –ArudrA day in Yuva varusham  03-06-19  35 to U .Ve. Srinivasachariar and sri Kumudhavalli, belonging to to the illustrious lineage of swayamAchArya purushAs. His great great grand father Sri Nadu nattu Narayanachar was the prime disciple of annarya Maha Desikan .The pooravasrama name of Srimushnam Andavan was Varahan. Varahan’s, UpanayAthi samskAram were performed at the right age.

His father was a disciple of Sangeetha kalanidhi late Tiger Varadhachar swamy. Young Varahan used to sit by the side of his father during those music lessons and assimilated the nuances of Carnatic music to an astonishing degree which enabled Him to sing ragas with mellifluous voice.

Sri Varahan swamy became well qualified in vEda and divya prabhanda adhyayanams at an young age. His periappa Sri U.Ve. Srimushnam puranam Narayanachariar taught him kAvya and nAtaka alankarA granthAs. Swamy went to kAkumAni charity pAtasAlA(  affiliated  to  Madras   University  ) in Chennai for his initial education in SastrAs.

In a quest to learn more about sAmAnya sAstrAs swAmy came to sriperumbudur and learnt fully the nyAya and tharka sAstrAs. The yong Varaha swamy qualified himself as Tharka sironmani, trained under great teachers in Sriperumbudur Sanskrit patasala like Sri Krishna Desika Thathachariar (father of great N.S.R. swamy) and others. Seeing swamy’s remarkable knowledge and extreme brilliance learned wise men who had interacted with swamy at that time, predicted that swamy would become a maHa vidwAn and a sampradhAya pravarthakaA.

For some time, swami went to Andhra Pradesh and taught in Sanskrit colleges located in Jeetical and AlwAl, close to Hydrabad. His lucid and brilliant teaching earned a lot of accolades and he learnt to speak and read Telugu very fluently. Swamy came back to Sriperumbudur and passed in Tamil VidwAn exam and served as Such in Tamilnadu Government educational service for 27 years. He lived in malayangulam for many years and settled down at Velamur, the Birth place of Upanishad Bhashyakkarar H.H. Ranga Ramanuja Maha Desikan.  Sri Varahachar swamy renovated and maintained the temple and performed nithya Aradhanam all by himself for the Divya Dampathies.

His Holiness 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt once conferred a special sambavanai appreciating his extra ordinary knowledge, Vidvath and lucid presentation. Sri srimushanam Varahachar, a tamil pandit in Govt Secondary Education service for 27 years  had His Prapatti under His holiness Thirukkudanthai Andavan and Grantha chathushtya Kalakshepams under His Holiness during the same time.

The divine message from Padukas to revered Acharya Thirukkudanthai Andavan was that “Srimushnam Varahachariar will be your successor , Rest assured that this Padukasramam so beautifully nurtured by you, will be safe in his hands  and will reach much greater heights.”  The Acharya directed sri Varahachariar swamy  that when the time comes he should come forward to protect and preserve the Andavan Asrama Paramparai meaning , that he should become his successor probably knowing in advance that His successor H.H. Mysore Andavan may not live long.

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