Thirupullani Sri Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal Temple Chithirai Utsavam: Day 4 and 5

Sri Pattabiramar

On 26th April 2018 (SriVilambi chithirai Pooram), the 5th day of the Chithirai Utsavam was performed at Thirupullani Sri Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal Temple. On the occasion, Sri Pattabiramar was dressed up with white vasthram with green border. He was decorated beautifully with flower garlands and ornaments. After alangaram, He had purappadu on sesha vaahanam. Perumal gave darshan as vennai thirudum kesavan climbing a ladder to reach the butter pot on top.

On previous day,25th April 2018(Magam), the 4th day of the Utsavam was celebrated. In the morning Sri Ramar had Thirumanjanam in the Aandavan Ashram. After Thirumanjanam, He had auspicious alangaram with kaasu malai, pendants, chains and golden big crown. He had bow and arrow in His hand. In the evening, Sri Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal and Sri Pattabiramar had purappadu on Garuda vaahanam. Thousands of astikas participated in the Utsavam and had the blessings of Sri Ramar.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion are as follows:

Day 4 (Morning – Thirumanjanam)

Sri Pattabiramar

Day 4 (Evening –  Garuda vaahanam)       

Day 5 (Sesha vaahanam)


Photo Courtesy : Sri Thirupullani Balaji and Thirupullani Raguveeradayal

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