Therazhundhur Sri Amaruviyappan Temple Panguni Utsavam: Part 1


On 23rd March 2018, Hevilambi Panguni-Poosam, the first day of Panguni Utsavam commenced auspiciously in Therazhundhur Amaruviyappan Divya Desam. On the first day of utsavam, Sri Sengamala Valli Thayar had a nice alangaram with garlands and jewels and gave a gorgeous look in a greenish blue vasthram. After the alangaram purappadu of thaayar took place on a padi chattam. Many devotees received her blessings on that occasion. On the day 2(Panguni-Aayilyam), Thayar blessed all the bhakthas on golden Chandra Prabhai with a scintillating look. Her alangaram was wonderful with greenish Peach coloured Vasthram. On the third day(Panguni-Magam), thayar wore a radium-green vasthram with shining golden border and had a purappadu on golden-Yaali Vaahanam.

On 26th March, (Panguni-Pooram), the fourth day of Panguni utsavam was celebrated. For that procession, Thayar had a nice alangaram and wore a golden yellowish auspicious vasthram followed by Purappadu on a golden Hamsa Vaahanam. Next day on 27th March(Uthiram), she had nice alangaram with jasmine garlands and wore a blue colored vasthram, then had procession on golden simha vahanam. Many devotees participated in that purappadu and received the blessings of Sri Sengamalavalli thayar.

Some of the photos taken during those events can be viewed below:



Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Photo Courtesy: Sri Harisundar Bhattar

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