Vrindavan Sri Rangji Temple Hevilambi Varusha Brahmotsavam Day 5 To 7



As part of the ongoing Panguni Brahotsavam at Sri Rangji Temple, Vrindavan, the 5th Day evening of Brahmotsavam was celebrated well on Hevilambi Maasi Moolam(March 10, 2018). On that day perumal had a beautiful golden Yellowish Alangaram.  And the procession held on a big ‘Yaali Vaahanam’. For the 6th day morning, Churnotsavam took place before the Purappadu and in the evening  Perumal procession on big Golden GajaVaahanam took place . Likewise on  7th day of Brahmotsavam, , Radhotsavam  took place in the temple streets of vrindavan in a  grand manner. For that Procession, Perumal and Thaayar dressed up beautifully and the thirutther was decorated grandly .Lots of devotees participated in pulling the thirutther and received the blessings of Sri Perumal with his consort.

Some of the Photos taken during the occasions ..

Yaali Vahanam(Day 5 Evening)

Churnotsavam(Day 6 Morning)

Gaja Vahanam(Day 6 Evening)

Radhotsavam(Day 7 Morning)

Photo Courtesy: Sri Vijay Apv






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