Vrindavan Sri Rangji Mandir Panguni Brahmotsavam: Day 1-5


As part of the ongoing Panguni Brahotsavam at Sri Rangji Temple, Vrindavan, on March 10,2018; Hevilambi Maasi Moolam, 5th day of  Brahmotsavam was celebrated well. Perumal in ‘Nachiyar Thirukolam’ alankaram blessed devotees and had purappadu.

The Utsavam commenced on March 6, 2018 (Hevilambi Maasi Swathi) with Sri Perumal having purappadu on Simha Vaahanam. On Day 2, (March 7, 2018), a grand procession was held in a big and beautiful golden Surya Prabha vahanam. Evening procession for Perumal took place on the Hamsa Vahanam. On the 3rd day (March 8, 2018), the day started with alangaram followed by the purappadu of Sri Perumal on big golden Garuda Vaahanam. And the evening procession took place on a stunning Hanumantha Vahanam.

On March 9, 2018 which was the 4th day of Brahmotsavam, purappadu for Perumal and His Consort took place on a big Velli Shesha Vahanam in the morning. In the evening Perumal as Venugoplan had purappadu on Punnai Maram Vahanam.

Some of the photos taken during the utsavams so far can be viewed below

Day 1 Simha Vahanam

Day 2 (Morning) Surya Prabha

Day 2 (Evening) Hamsa Vahanam

Day3(Morning) Garuda Vahanam

Day3(Evening) Hanumantha Vahanam

Day4(Morning) Shesha Vahanam

Day4(Evening) Punnai Maram Vahanam

Day5(Morning) Nachiyar Thirukolam

Photo Courtesy: Sri Vijay Apv

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