Benefits of Eating in Banana Leaf


Eating in banana leaves has numerous health benefits and many cultural significance. In use for thousands of years eating in banana leaves is part of  South India’s Cuisine Culture.Below are some of the interesting points and benefits of eating in Banana Leaf.

1) Banana leaves contains compounds called polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG ) which is a natural antioxidant.

2) Banana leaves is believed have anti bacterial properties, unlike the conventional plate that we use.

3) Banana leaves adds flavor to the food when served hot.

4) Banana leaves are extremely Eco-friendly, which decomposes within days unlike the plastic ones which takes years together.

5) Banana leaves are extremely hygienic which doesn’t need any extensive cleaning.

6) South Indian meals contain different varieties in a meal,These banana leaves can hold all of them in a single leaf.

7) Banana leaves stimulates appetite and helps digest food.

8) Banana leaves can also be used for packing hot food. Plastic wraps are dangerous to health as they contain harmful chemicals.

9) Apart from eating on banana leaf, they have many medicinal values, they are used as bandages for heat burns and other skin conditions.

10) Banana Leaves can be sun-dried and stored for use throughout the year.

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