Thirukolur Penpilai Rahasiyam


Baghavat Ramanujar was entering Thirukolur divyadesam to visit ” Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple ” as Swami was entering the village he saw a girl leaving the village forever. Sri Ramanujar was surprised as to why the girl was leaving the village, Swami Ramujar asked the girl why she was leaving , when residing in that village is considered to be very sacred and divine.



The exhausted girl said, a useless person like her doesn’t make any difference being in the village or not. When Ramanujar asked what her exact problem was, she listed 81 points which perplexed Swami Ramanujar. Those points were considered as Thirukolur penpillai Rahasiyams. Below are some of the questions the young girl asked Swami Ramanujar

  • Azhaithu varukiren endreno akrurai poley.
  • Idakazhil kandeno mudhalazhvargalai poley.

All these questions are the essence of so many Granthams, Ithihasams and Puranams. Thirukolur penpillai Rahasiyam is a treasure trove of knowledge.

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