Ways to Avoid Hell!

Everyone of us are afraid of the term hell. Vishnudharma states even the valiant Dharmaputra when he came to know about the route to hell became unconscious. Swami Desikan has highlighted this in his Parampadha Shobanam slokam. Periazhvar and Namazhwar had essayed the torture that one undergoes in hell. Kaliyan says in all humility that he had done incorrigible sins that could lead to four kinds of hell. But these elders had paved us many ways as given below to avoid hell.

  • Dhyanam: Mukundhamalai slokam ‘Maa Bhir Manda Mano’ tells us not be slothful and meditate upon Sriman Narayana who is easily accessible through devotion. Bhagavan being the destroyer of all sins, as we are his devotees would he not destroy our sins too? cajoles the author of Mukundamalai (Kulasekara Azhwar) to his heart.
  • Archanai: As per a Pramanam -Yama asks the people who suffer at hell ‘did you not worship the beautiful haired Lord Keshava the destroyer of all sins? This denotes that one can escape hell if one worships Perumal.
  • Kshetravasam: Namalvar graces in his ‘Nalamena Ninaimin’ pasuram as to stay at a divya kshetram like Thirumaliruncholai where Varaha Perumal eternally resides.
  • Name: Periyazhwar advises the Mothers to keep Emeperuman’s divine names to their children, having done so, such mothers will not go to hell.
  • Nama Sankeerthanam: Chanting Perumal’s divine names will always protect us. There are  examples like Ajamilan and Kshatrabandu though sinners by birth reached Vaikuntam by merely uttering and listening to Perumal’s divine names. Swami Desikan assures Hari nama ucharanam prepares a person to board Vaikuntam.
  • Prapatti: Only Prappatti can destroy sins and lead us to salvation. Swami Desikan asserts in Rahasyatrayasaram that Bhagavan grants Prappana the Mukti.

Vishnu Puranam quotes a famous dialogue ‘svapurushamabivIkshya pASahastam’ where Yama orders his servants not to go near those who had surrendered unto Lord Madhusudhan as he does not posses any authority over them. Alvars had emphasized those who chant Narayana nama and those who bear the Lord’s divine name shall escape hell.

Perumal is eulogized as Naraganasan the destroyer of hell. Mahabharatha states even heaven is similar to that of hell when viewed from Paramathma’s stance. More over heaven is also impermanent that is when one’s good deeds get depleted they get into the birth cycle again. Sita Piratti says that where ever Rama resides that is heaven and the rest is hell stating so she left with him to the forest. Divya Prabandam states this Samsaram as hell.

Namazhwar comforts his mind that one who has surrendered unto Thiruvattratu Emperuman will reach the Lord via Archiradi Margam. So a Prapanna can be confident that hell shall not torment him and he can achieve salvation at peace.

Namo Narayana………

(Sri U Ve Srinivasan)

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