Donating is the most noblest of all charities. A donation should be self less without expectation of any benefit. Perialwar states the same in his thirukostiyur pasuram. If a donor seeks a benefit for his or her donation it is neither deemed noble nor it shall please God. Sri Krishna practically explained this well through the Rajasuya yagam conducted by Yudistra.

Dharmaputra conducted Rajasuya Yagam where lakhs of Brahmins participated. He arranged a feast to feed all the Brahmins. Many Kings were invited as well. Sri Krisha assigned a job to each one of them suitably. He ordained Bheema to take the responsibility of feeding the Brahmins well. Bheema gladly accepted Krishna’s ordain.

It was indeed a very grand feast with inumerable varieties of food. Thousands of Brahmins ate beyond their usual capacity as Bheema was forcing his might and threateaning them with his mace. Bheema thought every one shall eat well like him. The number of Brahmins that came for partaking food dwindled in the subsequent days of the Yagam due to Bheema’s behaviour.

When Krishna enquired Bheema about the tadi aradhanam, Bheema mumbled that these Brahmins are a misfit and that he has to plead with all them to partake such a grand feast. Bhagavan understood the reality that Bheema considered others like him. He told Bheema that He shall take care of tadi aradhanam. He ordained Bheema to visit and pay obeisance to Saint Gandhamadhana at Mount Ghandmadhanam. Bheema rushed to meet the saint with his mace.

Sri Krishna went to Dharmaputra’s  Bhojana Sala, no one was there. Krishna went to the place of Brahmins and requested them to partake food. They refused saying that they cannot partake food for another month as they are suffering from indigestion due to over eating. Krishna said soothing words that he shall make them partake Pepper Rasam as a remedy for indigestion. After two such days the Brahmins became normal and partook the feast as per their capacity.

Meanwhile Bheema visited the Gandhamadhanam where he saw the Resplendent saint, he paid his obeisance, when the saint greeted him, Bheema could not not stand the stench that came from the Saint’s mouth. The saint who saw this told Bheema that once he was a great philanthropist who donated many things. While donating the saint used to belittle the folks who accepted his charity. Due to his charity he acquired the resplendent form but due to his harsh words he acquired bad breath. Bheema realized his folly, went back to the Brahmins and sought their pardon.

Hence while doing charity one has to be humble and speak pleasantly.

(Sri U Ve PerukAranai Chakravartiyacharya Swami)

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  1. Ohm Namo narayana!! Adiyen bhaggiyam swamin!! I’m Pachaiappan. S residing now at Bengaluru. I’m totally sankalpa for following vaishnavam.


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