Sahasra Deepam At Srirangam Sri Ahobila Mutt



There was a Sahasra Deepam at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Srirangam, located on  187 Utthira Veedhi opposite Vellai Gopuram on December 4th 2016. When one looks up at the entrance we spot Narasimha everywhere reminding us of Itho Narasimha thatho Narasimha, which translates as Narasimha  is here, Narasimha is there, Narasimha is outside, Narasimha is inside, Narasimha is in the heart, let us surrender to Narasimha. At the time when Sri Nrisimhavathara took place we light lamps at home everyday and during Karthigai we remember Him by placing two lamps everyday on the threshold. Karthigai Sundays are Sri Nrisimha special and devotees visit Sri Nrismha temples to offer ghee lamps. So Sahasradeepam offering was done at Sri Ahobila Muth Srirangam.

At about 6 pm, the Sahasra Deepam was ushered in by the notes of the Clarinet. The clarinet kutcheri was done by a lady artiste. Clarinet is generally played by men but here it was done by a woman  and she started the mangalavadhyam before the 10008 lamps were offered to Sri LakshmiNrisimha. The first set of ghee lamps were lit by Aradhakar swami of Sri Ahobila Mutt and soon the assemblage of ladies lit up the readily set earthern lamps. The lamps were placed all around the Mutt  filled with oil and wicks and on beautifully done kolams infront of the sannidhi. Soon the whole area was glittering with lamps inside, outside and all around the place. After Thaligai was offered, Perumal Theertham, SriSathari and Prasada viniyogam(Pulihore) took place.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:



srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam15  srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam10 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam09 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam08 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam07 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam06 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam05 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam04 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam03 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam02 srirangam-srimath-ahobilamadam-celeberated-sahasradeepam01

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  1. I am a shisya of ahobila mutt living in bangalore, planning a visit with family members of 5-6 persons will I get accomodation to stay and have darshan of nrusimhar and have samacharanam for me and my wife also watch kainkaryam for one day if so what r the charges I need to pay. Please let me know.


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