Lower Ahobilam Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Durmukhi Navarathri Utsavam : Day 4



On, 5th October  2016, Durmukhi  Varusha Purattasi Visakam, Day 4 of Navarathri Utsavam was celebrated  in a grand manner at Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple ,Lower ahobilam.  On this occasion, in the morning Serthi thirumanjanam took place for Sri Ahobilavalli Thayar and Sri Prahaladhavaradhan &  asthanam at mandapam followed by sevakalam. Also day 8 of Swami Adhivan Satakopan thirunakshatra utsavam and day 4 of Swami Desikan thirunakshtra utsavam was celebrated . In the evening Ul purappadu took place for Perumal & Thayar along with Swami Desikan and Swami Adhivan satakopan.  Lot of  Astikas took part in the Navarathiri Utsavam Day 4  and had the blessings of Acharya and  Divyadampatis.

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion….

lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4001 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4002 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4003 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4004 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4005 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4006 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4007 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4008 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4009 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4010 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4011 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4012 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4013 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4014 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4015 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4016 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4017 lower-ahobilam-navarathri-utsavam-day-4018

Photography : Sri Prem

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