Anantha Padmanabha Chaturdasi At Tirumala Temple



Ananthapadmanaba Vratham at Thirumala Chakrasnanam in Swami Pushkarini

On 15 September 2016,  Anantha Padmanabha Chaturdasi festival is celebrated at Tirumala temple .After the usual Thomala Seva, Archana, I Bell, Sri Sudarsana is brought around four mada streets for procession, and upon reaching the Varaha Swami shrine, the Sudarsana Chakram is taken inside Varaha Shrine and placed there in the Swami Pushkarini. Snapana Tirumanjanam is offered to Sudarsana Chakram and after that the Chakram is dipped in the Swami Pushkarini 3 times. It is then taken back to the sanctum of Lord Venkateswara.


Ananta Padmanabha Chaturdasi Vratam, dedicated to Lord Shri Maha Vishnu, is a puja performed on the fourteenth day of the first phase (Shukla Paksham) of the Bhadrapada month. Devotees believe that on this day, Lord Shri Maha Vishnu appears as Ananta Padmanabha. Anantha Padmanabha is Lord Vishnu’s Anantha Shayana form, during which he reclines on Snake Ananta ( Snake Aadi Seshu).

Anatha Vratam, also known as Anantha Chaturdashi Vratam falls on September 15th, Thursday in 2016.

The Purpose of Anantha Vrata:

Devotees perform Anatha Vrata to get rid of their sorrows. The word ‘Anantha’ means endless and they strongly believe that Lord Vishnu will remove all the obstacles and the difficulties in one’s life, if the Anatha Vrata is performed with devotion.

It is believed that if any one performs the Anatha Vrata for 14 continuous years, that person will be blessed with happiness and prosperity in the life. Lord Maha Vishnu’s Anantha Shayana form is worshipped on the day of AnanthaChaturdashi.

The Posture of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy:

The posture of Anatha Shayana Padmanabha Swamy represents the inactive stage of Lord Maha Vishnu. This reclining form indicates Lord Vishnu’s ‘Yoga Nidra’ (Meditation). It is believed that reclining on Aadi Seshu, he thinks about the evolution of the worlds and the creation of living beings.

History of Anantha Vratam:

In some scriptures such as Mahabharata, Anantha Vrata is mentioned as a great observance to get rid of one’s sorrows in the life. Lord Shri Krishna advised Yudhishtira (Dharma Raju) to observe Anantha Vrata for 14 years to bring back his kingdom and his whole wealth.

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion..

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 Writeup : Sri Ramakrishna Deekshithulu
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