Hazira Sri Balaji Temple Durmukhi Varusha Oonjal Utsavam Day 5-13


hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam8Oonjal Utsavam is being celebrated grandly  at Sri Balaji Temple in Hazira in Gujarat. This utsavam is celebrated every year for 15 days in Aadi-Avanai Month After The thirvaadipooram on the account of Shravan Month.As the Shravan Month is considered as the most auspicious month so  this utsavam is being celebrated .This year the utsavam is celebrated from July 30th to August 13 th.On each day of the utsavam Sri Venkatesa Perumal has different alankarams followed by Satrumurai and Sevakalam..The temple also has separate sannidhis for Sri Seetha Rama, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Chakrathalwar.

Some of the photos taken during day 5 to 13 of this year’s oonjal sevai can be viewed below:hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam1hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam2 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam3 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam4 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam9 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam8 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam7 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam6 hazira-sri-balaji-temple-durmukhi-varusha-oonjal-utsavam5

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