Thiruvellukai Sri Azhagiya Singaperumal Temple – Aadi Perukku Utsavam


Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_24

On, 2nd August 2016 Aadi perukku Thirumanjanam for Sri Narasimhar took place in grand manner at Sri Azhagiyasinga Perumal Temple, Thiruvelukkai, Kanchipuram. On this occasion, vishesha thirumanjanam, Onjal sevai, Divya alankaram  for Sri Narasimhar was conducted in magnificient way followed by theertham Satari and prasadam to Bhakthas. Many astikas took part in the Thirumanjanam, and had the blessings of  Perumal.

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion….

Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_26 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_25 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_23 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_21 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_22 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_05 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_14 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_06 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_07 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_10 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_11 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_28 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_27 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_30 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_31 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_32 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_33 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_34 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_00 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_03 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_04 Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_02

Thiruvellukai_aadi peruku_36

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