HH 22nd Srimath Azhagiyasingar Thirunakshathram Celebration



Adi Rohini happens to be the Tirunakshathram of HH 22nd Srimath Azhagiasingar Sri Van Sathakopa Sriman Narayana Yathindra Mahadesikan. His Avatharam was at Gadhadharapuram. HH 22nd Srimath Azhagiyasingar accepted Sanyasa Ashramam in Eshwara varsham, Margazhi Sukla Panchami(1758 January).  He ascended to Paramapadam at Palamedu in Bahudanya Varsham Aadi Krishnapaksha Shasti thithi (August 1758).  Asthanakaalam was for 7 months.

Below are the photos of HH 22nd Srimath Azhagiyasingar thirunakshtram celebrations at Palamedu Brindavanam on 29th July 2016.

22nd_Pattam_Thirunakshatram_01 22nd_Pattam_Thirunakshatram_02 22nd_Pattam_Thirunakshatram_03 22nd_Pattam_Thirunakshatram_05 22nd_Pattam_Thirunakshatram_06

Courtesy: V R Kannan

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  1. Swamin: Thrilled to see the dedicated service by the swamin in celebrating the Thirunakshatram of 22nd Jeer at the lonely place and distribution ( viniyokam ) of prasadam to the local people who accept the prasadam with great reverence. Let thr dedicated service by this type of Bhaktas grow.



    • In Reply to Sri V.S. Satagopan and Sri Venugopal K Aug 13 2016
      HH 22 Jeer “Tirunakshtram” was celebrated in a simple way as a beginning by NBT (Narasimhapuram Brindavanam Trust) on July 29. Mr Janardhanan a devotee from Kumbakonam performed this at the request of NBT Trustees at Palamedu, 12 km from Namakkal Tamil Nadu. HH 22 Jeer was the first or second Jeer belonging to Chakravarthi family jeers. Chakravarthi Family Jeers worshipped Lord LakshmiNrisimhan for > 76 years Azhaghiasringers or Jeers in the history of 630+ years of Sri Ahobila Mutt existence till date

      Other Jeers from Chakravarthi family : HH 25 (Aadi Swathi) , HH 26 (Aadi Pooram), HH 27, HH 30 and HH 38 (Thai Tiruvathirai) the last one from Chakravarthi family dated 1905-1909. Off hand i do not remember the Tirunakshtram Nakshtram of other Jeers in our family.

      NBT was formed in Sept 2015 with Honorary Chief Patron being Current 46th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt.
      NBT started fucntioning from Jan 2016. We conducted “Tirunaksthram” functions in 2016 at Narasimhapuram (where Five Jeers sannadhis are housed HH 25, HH 26, HH30, HH37 & HH38), HH 22 Jeer sannadhi at Palamedu, HH 27 Jeer sannadhi at Gadwal, Mehboob Ditrict, Telengana
      NBT was formed by currently living Chakravarthi descendant families of HH 38 Jeer with Six Trustees representing each son’s grand son or grand daughter at Trustee
      NBT performed on Jan 5 ((HH37( , Jan 22 (HH38), Feb 20 (HH 30), HH 26 (Aug 5) HH 25 (Aug 10). HH Jeer at Palamedu was performed on July 29

      Trust activities will be / are : To perform each year “Tirunaksthram functions of Six Chakravarthi Jeers, HH 37 and also support deserving poor Vedic Scholars / poor Village Children needing Education or Medical needs

      Further information on NBT could be given to those interested directly seeking information on our activities.
      Contact> C.V.Srinivasan Managing Trustee, C.S. Desikan Trustee, C.P. Madhusudhan (Trustee), C.S. Krishnan (Trustee), Kanakalatha Mukund (Trustee), Usha Narasimhan (Trustee). CHIEF HONORARY PATRON: 46TH JEER SRI AHOBILA MUTT

      CONTACT TEL: 91 44 2491 3219 MOBILE 91 94440 65236/ 91 98409 20889 / 91 98860 86010 / 91 98844 88089Trustees located at Chennai Tamil Nadu. Main Tel: 91 44 2491 3219 / 91 94440 65236
      E mail: nishi@vsnl.com/cvsjsmeta@gmail.co/panchjeer@gmail.com
      Posted by C.V.Srinivasan Saturday August 13 2016

      Note: In 2016 we conducted “Tirunaksthram function of HH 25 Jeer on Aug 10” as joint efforts from NBT and also through a devotee Sri V R Kannan. Sri V. R Kannan was a devotee of Sri Ahobila Mutt and also HH 25 Jeer . He took all photos on Aug 10 at the request of NBT to publish in esteemed Anudhinam magazine soon on return to Chennai. This is for information of all Sri Vaishnava devotees on NBT activities and objectives formed in 2015.

    • In reply to Sri V.S. Satagopan and Sri Venugopal K
      WE have posted in detail of NBT (Narasimhapuram Brindavanam Trust) formed in Sept 2015 with Honorary Chief Patron being HH 46th Jeer – Current Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt.
      HH 22 Jeer Tirunakashtram was performed by NBT at Palamedu, Nammakkal (Palemedu is 12 km from Namakkal) Tamil Nadu
      HH 25 Jeer (Aug 10) / HH 26 Jeer (Aug 05) Tirunkashtram was conducted by NBT for the first time after the Trust was formed. In addition we performed other Jeers Tirunaksthram -HH 37 on Jan 5, HH 38 on Jan 22, HH 30on Feb 20.
      NBT details can be given to those interested in our actitivities. Contact : C.V.Srinivasan Tel 91 44 2491 3219 Mobile 91 94440 65263 or C.S. Desikan 91 98860 86010 or C.P. Madhusudhan 91 98409 20889
      E mail: panchjeer@gmail.com/ cvsjsmeta@gmail.com/ nishi@vsnl.com Saturday August 13


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