Thiruvelliangudi Sri Kolavilli Ramar Temple – Samprokshanam


Samprokshanam at Thiruvelliankudi Sri kOlavilliRamar Temple happened on June 23 (dhurmuki Ani sravaNam) by the grace of Sri MaragathaValliThaayar sametha Sri ksheerabdi Nathan. Yagasalai with four kaalams started on June 21 with recitals of Rig, Yajur and Samaveda parayanams and Divyaprabhandam.

Samprokshanam had blessings from Srimath Srimushnam Andavan Swamigal and Sri Ahobila Mutt 46 th jeer.

MoolavarperumaaL’s name is ksheerabdhi Nathan and Thaayaar is Maragathavalli. Utsavar’s name SrideviBhudevi sametha Sri Srungaarasundarar. As the lord was seen by ThirumangaiAlwar as kOlavilliRamaa, the sannadhi is called Sri kOlavilliRamarSannadhi.

Earlier Samprokshanams happened on 2001 and 1980. For this time, Conservation/Renovation works started on December 2013 post doing Vimanabalalayam. As there were several structural damages in Thaayaarmandapam, PerumaLvimanam, MadilSuvar, Alwarsannadhi, Rajagopuram, etc, we consulted Dr Sathyamurthy of Reach Foundation, Chennai to get the conservation works done using ancient techniques.


Utsavars (SrideviBhudevisametha Sri SrungaaraSundarar(Rear) and TheerthabErar at Yaagasaalai


Utsavamoorthy in Alangaram at Yagasalai

ThirumangaiAzhwar’smangalaasasanam of Thiruvelliangudi Sri Kolavil Raman:

ThirumangaiAzhwar’s has done mangalasaasanam

  •  For the Cuckoo birds of this DivyaDesam
  •  For the Vayalveli(agricultural fields) of this DivyaDesam
  • For the Vaalaigal(fish) of this DivyaDesam and the neervalam (abundant water resources) of the DivyaDesam
  •  For the Karumbu(Sugarcane crops) and PerumSenNel(paddy crops)

All these natural resources as described in the Mangalasaasanam by our ThirumangaiMannan are still there even today.

What is the palan(benefit) of coming and doing mangalasaasanam at Thiruvelliangudi ?


Sri ChathurBhujaGarduazhwar

As per SthalaMaahaathmyam in this DivyaDesam, Sri Garuda Bhagavan has chaturbhujam with Anjali Mudhrai and holds Chakram and Shankam indicating that he is also our Acharyan. He is in a posture awaiting Sri Kolavilli Raman’s orders and is about to start for Emberumaan’s kainkaryam. Due to this reason, one gets the palan of going and doing mangalasaasanam to all 108 DivyaDesams by coming to Thiruvelliangudi. This is also evident from ThirumagaiAzhwar mentioning in his mangalasaasanam about Thiruvelliangudi as “KOYIL”in                  “9 paasurams”. “KOYIL” is used to mention only Sri Rangam or Thirukkachi in Samphradhaayam.


ThirumanjanaSevai of Sri Kolavil Raman with UbhayaNaachiyars

This DivyaDesaEmberumaan Sri Maragathavallisametha Sri Kolavil Raman(Sri KsheerabdhiNaathan) is the palan of reciting PeriyaTirumozhi as per Adiyen’sanubhavam. Azhwar does not get Emberumaan’s anubhavam in Thiruindhalur and comes to Thiruvelliangudi and he gets pariPurnaBhagavdhAnubhavam here. One paasuram for Anubhavam below:


Thiruvelliangudi by the name tells that Sri Sukracharyar(Velli) had come here to get his eyesight back by doing mangalasaasanam to Sri Kolavil Raman. Hence, this DivyaDesasthalapuranam is a continuation from Sri Vamana and ThrivikramaAvatharam. Eyesight is the first prime thing anyone of us would require. Without eyesight we could not see Emberumaan’sDivyaMangalaChith Ghana Thirumeni. So, Viseshapalan is that people who need good eyesight can come to this DivyaDesam to get their wonderful eyesight by doing  mangalasaasanam to Sri MaragathavalliThaayarsametha Sriksheerabdhinathan.

Thiruvelliangudi special features and its connection with each one of us:

  • DivyaDesamangalasaasanam has been done by ThirumangaiAzhwar, Sri Emberumaanaar, Swami NigamanthaMahaDesikan, Swami PeriyavachaanPillai, Swami ManavalaMaamunigal and all our Acharyals.
  • Senganuur –AvatharaSthalam of Swami PeriyavaachanPillai is just 1 Mile from Thiruvelliangudi. Swami PeriyavaachanPillai is the only Poorvacharyan to have done Vyaakyaanam for all 4000 paasurams. AllBhagavadhals can enjoy the adhyashcharya vyakyaanam for Thiruvelliangudipaasruams in PeriyaTirumozhiVyaakyaanam.
  • Avatharasthalam of HH 17 th pattamAzhagiyasingarSrivanShatakopa Sri Veeraraghava VedhanthaYatheendraMahadesiakan.Azhagiyasingar was on peetam for 36 years and he had the distinction of conducting Sri BhaashyamKaalakshEpam TWELVE times at SrirangamBhAshyakArarSannidhi, TEN times BhagavathVishayamKaalkshEpam and FIFTEEN times  KalakshEpam on SrimathRahasyaThrayaSaaram for many sishyAs. We might recall that SwamyDesikan in hislong life conducted Sri BhAshyamKaalakshEpam thirty times during his life.
  • AbhimaanaDivyaDesam of SrimadAndavan Ashram AcharyaParamahamsalSrimadThirukkudanthaiAndavan– Srimathe Sri VedhanthaRamanujaMahadesikan and PrakruthamSrimadAndavan Sri SrimushnamSrimadAndavanSrimatheRangaRamanujaMahadesikan. Due to SrimadAndavan Swamis’ abhimaanam to this DivyaDesam, Adhyapaka Swamis from Thirukkudanthai recite Sri Aravamudhan’spaasurams here to Sri Kolavil Raman.



Snapshot of the events during samprokshanam at Thiruvelliangudi:

  • 30 Veda Vidhwans had come to Thiruvelliangudi to perform mangalaasaasanam;
  • DivyaPrabhandhaGhosthi recited Naalaayiram for Sri Kolavil Raman’s mangalaasaasanam;
  • Mariyaadhai to Swami VedanthaDesikan and Swami Desikanezhundharuludhal near Sri Emberumaan to perform Mangalasaasanam;
  • Yaagasaalaipoojai and Homams done by Sri VaiganasaaagamaBhattars who were like Maharishi Thulyals;
  • Sri Sri Krishna Premi Anna visited Thiruvelliangudi to see the Thiruppani and gave his AmudhampondraUpanyaasam about maahaathmyam of Thiruvelliangudi, praised about the Thiruppani and thesamprokshanam;
  •  Sri Garuda Sevai of Sri Kolavil Raman in the evening enjoyed with full Bhakthi by each resident of Thiruvelliangudi who are the real Bhagyavaans who are blessed to stay throughout the year in Thiruvelliangudi with Sri Kolavil Raman.

Significant things done in the Thiruppani:

1. ‘MangaiMannaninMadhilArangar’ – Compound wall is the first prime important safety requirement for a Temple. Strengthening of the compound wall through constructing additional supporting walls at 9 places around the temple and also using Stone stitching techniques.

2. Entire Thaayaarmantapam was damaged with cracks and water leakages from every ends. This was completely addressed using ancient technique of Lime mortar plastering.

3. One portion of Perumaalvimanam had falled off which was repaired and replastered.

4. Karungal flooring was done at perumaaLInner prakaram and Alwarsannadhi.

5. Roof beam at Alwarsannadhi was reconstructed using I-section technique with Thick Iron bar.

6. Iluppai wood inside the Rajagopuram was fully damaged which was replaced with new strong wood.

7. And finally moolavarthirumeni had damages which were addressed and Colouring using Natural colours was done.

Following are the photos taken during this occasion:

Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_06 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_07 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_08 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_09 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_10 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_11 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_12 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_13 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_14 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_15 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_16 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_17 Thiruvelliangudi_Sri_Kolavilli_Ramar_TempleSamprokshanam_18

Courtesy: Sri Sriram

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  1. Sriram Swamy
    Good Naration with excellent pictures . Danyosmi. I request all srivaishnvas to have darshan and get Bllessings of Kolavil Ramar

  2. Dear Dr.Sudarsan,
    The photos and writeups took me to Thiruvalliangudi. I presume that the moolavar photo is from a picture drawn and that the Moolavar is not photographed. Your family and Chi.Sriram have done POORVA JANMA PUNYAM in abundance which enabled your family to play a lead role in this Sambrokshanam which earned SREYAS to the whole family. I shall meet shortly the proud mother and head of the family to share my happiness and greet Sri Sriram – who has been named aptly. I pray to the Lord Kolavil Rama to shower HIS GRACE upon me and grant darsan at the earliest.(I was fortunate to have darsan on two different occasions)S.Viswanathan

    • Dear S. Viswanathan, thank you. Rest assured, the moolavar image is an old one which was taken before the samprokshanam. No image of moolavar is allowed after samprokshanam. The bhattacharya swamiji is also very strict on this rule. Only the utsavar Sri Shrungaara Sundarar and Theertha Berar are allowed to be filmed or photographed.

      Dhanyosmi – Adiyen

      Sri Ramanuja Daasan –



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