Thirunangur Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple Aadi Maga Utsava Patrikai & Appeal

Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal
The annual festival to Sri Vaikunthanatha perumal temple to be held from 06.08.2015 with 4000 divya prabandha sevai and sathumarai. Please note that the annual income of the temple is below rs.10,000/- though the income is not sufficient to make the financial requirements of the temple to perform daily pooja where charitable trust/philanthropic gentlemen help the temple for performance of daily pooja.  For this utsavam we have  upayadars on smaller scale.However we require the following for which we have no upayadars:-
1.Deepa oil, pooja articles               Rs.2,000/-
2. Garlands for 10 days                    Rs.3,000/-
3. Archakar,paricharakar               Rs.10,000/-
4. Adhyabaga swamigal                  Rs.10,000/-
5. Last day procession expenses   Rs.5,000/-
6.Thaligai thirumanjanam           Rs.5,000/-
                                    Total Rs.          35,000/-
The committee  request you to kindly donate any one of the item either in part or in full and may sent your donation in the name of the trust
T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST by dd/cheque and mail to 4/83-A, Purushothama Perumal Koil Street, nangoor, sirkali-tk.  You may transfer the funds to trust SB A/C NO: 6027064799, Indian bank, Thenpathi Branch, Code No.S108, IFSC Code: IDIB000S108.  2.SB /AC NO: 608801152764, ICICI BANK LTD, Mailaduthurai Branch, Code: 6088, IFSC Code No.ICIC0006088 with prior intimation to us.
For Enquiries contact : Sri Purushothaman, Mobile : 9750251058 .
The detail of the utsavam is given in the patrikai…


King Swetakethu belonged to Ikshvagu dynasty which Lord Sri Rama chose for His incarnation.  He loved every one and was a living example of honesty and integrity.  He and his wife had a passion to visit Vaikunda to have the darshan of Lord Vishnu.  As a king, he completed all his political duties and set ready for penance with his queen Damayanthi.  They prepared fire around them, stood looking at the Sun and began a severe penance. Days passed.  They shed their mortal coil and reached Vaikundam but could not find their Vaikunda Vasan.  They stood sad.  Maharshi came there.  Swetaketu and Damayanthi fell at his feet and enquired him why they could not get the darshan of Lord.   Narada replied that though they performed severe penance but failed to perform even small Homas and charities.  That failure was the cause of this failure.  The remedy was that they had to worship Lord Iravadeswarar on the banks of Cauvery on Earth and appeal to Him, who would help them to have Vaikunda darshan.
Both prayed to Lord Iravadeswarar and begged his help for Perumal darshan.  Lord Iravadeswarar appeared before them and said that He too was waiting for Perumal darshan and suggested that they could join him in penance.  Meantime, Sage Udanga Maharshi also joined the in the penance.  Thus four performed penance together.  When Lord Vishnu appeared before them with Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi, Lord Iravadeswarar prayed that the place where the darshan was granted should be honoured as Vaikunda Vinnagaram and that He be worshipped as Vaikunda Nathar.  Thus, Perumal came here as Lord Vaikunda Vasan to this place with Mother praised as Vaikundhavalli.

It is believed that young new married couples who perform special pooja on star magam for continuously 6 months  blessed with children.

Courtesy: Sri Purushothaman

stotra rathnam and thirumanjana gadyam



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