Pomona NY Sri Ranganatha Temple Brahmotsavam – Day 1 to Day 3



Brahmotsavam commenced in a grand manner at Pomona NY Sri Ranganatha Temple. On July 1st 2016, Dwajarohanam was performed in the presence of Divyadampathis and Thiruveethi Purappadu took place on different Vahanams on these three days such as Sesha Vahanam, Yanai Vahanam and Garuda Vahanam in the presence of HH Sri Krishna Jeer Swamy. Grand satrumurai and sevakalam took place in the midst of ghosti parayanam. Many devotees participated in the Brahmotsavam and received the blessings of Divyadampathis.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_01 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_02 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_03 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_04 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_05 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_06 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_07 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_08 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_09 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_10 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_11 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_12 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_13 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_14 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_15 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_16 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_17 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_18 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_19 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_20 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_21 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_22 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_23 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_24 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_25 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_26 Pomona-NY-Sri-Ranganatha-Temple_27

Courtesy: Sri Muralikrishna Srinivasachary

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  1. We were so fortunate to participate in the events on day 2. Pictures and words cannot describe the enthusiasm, Bhakti and dedication of the priests and the devotees. They tried to re-create the atmosphere of SriRangam to everyone’s delight and content. It was such a wonderful experience!


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