Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple Aani Theppotsavam – Day 9



The ninth day of Aani Theppotsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple. On June 20th 2016, Sri Perumal had Kannan Thirukolam and along with His Ubhaya Nachiyars had Purappadu to Haridranadhi Theppam and Theppotsavam was conducted. Grand satrumurai and sevakalam took place with arulicheyal and veda parayana ghosti. Later Prasadham was distributed to the devotees. Many Bakthas participated in the Aani Theppotsavam and received the blessings of Divyadampathis.

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The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_00 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_01 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_02 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_03 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_04 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_05 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_06 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_07 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_08 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_09 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_10 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_11 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_12 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_13 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_14 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_15 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_16 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_17 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_18 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_19 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_20 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_21 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_22 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_23 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_24 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_25 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_26 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_27 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_28 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_29 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_30 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_31 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_32 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_33 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_34 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_35 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_36 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_37 Mannargudi-Sri-Rajagopalaswamy_38

Courtesy: Sri Sriraman Dikshidar, Sri Uppili Srinivasan


  1. Thanks to anudhinam for publishing the Aani Theppotsavam photos of Sri Rajagopalan. Haridranathi “Vanga Kadal” pol Katchialiguruthu. Sri Gopalan “Krishnaavatharam” thirukolam along with Sri Rukmani Sathiyabhama is meaningful for ‘Jalagrigai” done for 32 Avatharam shown to Sri Gopila Gopralaya Magirishigal at Haridranathi. Thanks to Sri Sriraman Dikshidar for sending this wonderful coverage of photos.

  2. Well thought of work for devotees to know of vaishnava happenings. Though I have been a resident of Mannargude (studies in National High School) after decades I have had the opportunity of viewing Mannai Rajagopalaswami.Thanks for forwarding this piece of coverage.

  3. Thanks to Sri K. Narasimhan/Smt. Radha Narasimhan and Mannai Sri V. Ranganathan for their comments to Mannargudi Sri Gopalan Aani Theppotsavam at Haridranathi Tank. Dasan Uppili Srinivasan (9444577785)


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