Sri Rama Navami Utsavam At Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple



April 15th (Durmukhi Chitra Punarvasu) Sri Ramanavami was celebrated with fervour and devotion at Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal koil. Varadan and His Consorts were in ‘kanadi-arai’ from April 13th when Tamil new year celebrations took place. Sri Ramar sannidhi is situated behind the pavitra utsava mandapam. A flight of steps will take us to His sannidhi.

On SriRamanavami day ekantha Tirumanjanam took place for Sri Rama parivaram at His sanctum sanctorum. Even before Tamil varusha pirappu the place was washed, cleaned and kolams were made. The steel gates were painted. On SriRamanavami day Varadan and His Consorts were brought in purappadu to the mandapam infront of the sannidhi and Tirumanjanam took place there. At about 12.00p.m Theertham, Srisathari and prasadam distribution took place after the ‘Tiruvaradhanam’.

In the evening Sri Rama Seetha and Lakshmana, followed by Sri Varadan and Ubhayanachimars descended the steps behind Anantazhwar sannidhi after listening to ‘yecchirikkai’. This is ‘padiyettram’. They went round Tirumadapalli prakaram stopping by at the temple kitchen and store room before procceding to Swami Desikan sannidhi. The divya prabhandham started here followed by the vedic chanting. At Tiruvadi-koil Sri Hanuman received the garlands from Sri Rama and Varadan. After blessing and making happy the residents and visitors on the mada veedis They returned to aasthanam.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami12 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami2 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami3 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami1 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami4 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami5 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami7 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami8 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami11 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami9 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami10 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami13 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami14 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami15 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami16 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami17 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami6

Photos: Sri Krishna Durai, Sri Tirumundi Krishnan, Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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