Thirunangur Seven Temples Adhinam Kainkaryam Appeal


THirunangur Koodamadu Koothar Perumal


Divyadesams are holy places/shrines which are revered by the Great Saints called Alwars and they have composed hymns in praise of “LORD SRIMANNARAYANA/VISHNU” (Nalayira Divya Prabhandham – a Bhakti Literature). There are 108 such Divyadesams considered “holy” in that context and they are located mostly in Southern part of India and a few in North India. Thirunangoor is one such place where within a radius of few kilometers one can dharshan/visit 11 divyadesams (Managalsasanam by Thirumangai Alwar). “Thirukuraiyalur” the avatarasthalam (birthplace) of Saint Thirumanagai alwar is also nearby.

Thirunangoor Divyadesam temples are said to be belonging to 11/12th century and historically well known. Each temple is situated in a picturesque surrounding with vast strech of lush Green Paddy fields , tall and short trees , shrubs, and importantly waterbodies with lotus or lilleys in full bloom . One can imagine the beauty of this tiny but peaceful village ‘Thirunangoor” by reading the wonderful pasurams of Saint Thirumangai Alwar (Peria Thirumozhi 3-8 to 4-8 pasurams).

These temples have their own lands, Thoppu (Garden of Trees) but all of them were leased out long back to many people. The income from these leased out land assets are meagre owing to several reasons and constraints. While the revenue generation has dwindled to a large extent , the expenditure of day to day affairs of the temple has increased enormously and presently reached the state where things can not be managed by the income from temple assets alone . Sensing the need for the upliftment of the temple and at the same time managing and continuation of nitya kainkaryams, the idea of forming a TRUST was mooted by the Hereditory Trustees of seven temples adhinam. There are seven temples which comes under the adhinam are

  1. Sri.VanPurushothamaPerumalTemple

  2. Sri.VaikunthanathaPerumalTemple

  3. Sri.PallikondaRanganatha Perumal Temple

  4. Sri.KudamadaKootharTemple

  5. Sri.MadhavaPerumalTemple

  6. Sri.RajagopalaswamiTemple

  7. Sri.Varadharaja Perumal Temple.

A TRUST was formed and registered u/s 12AA IT.Act, now called T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST (Thirunangur Sri.Van Purushothama Perumal Vagayara Seven Temples Sthalathar Kainkarya Trust) (please see Some of the main noble objectives which is briefly summarised as follows

  • To provide salary and helping hand to kainkaryadhars such as Archagas/paricharagas/Vedic and Divya Prabhanda Vidwans
  • To provide support and help in the revenue generation process for temples
  • To contribute significantly in preserving and continuing the paramapara and traditons followed in these seven temples
  • To act as a facilitator for visiting Bhaktas and help in establishing /managing facilities and amenities for them
  • To set up adequate security measures for temples and its assets
  • To popularise our rich cultural heritage and knowledge to the masses through media products/publications
  • To provide free food to visitors and pilgrims on important festivals.

We hereby request all Bhaktas/philanthropists/Trusts and others to contribute liberally to the noble cause and  we shall acknowledge your kind help in this  regard. Please join us in the effort of restoring glory to our Divyadesams” for the sake of  the present and future generations.  The Sthalathars/trustees  have desired to create Corpus Fund of Rs.1.00 crore to begin with and  when this amount is collected will be deposited  in a Nationalised bank in a fixed deposit scheme. The accrued  interest from the principle amount shall be utilized  to pay the salaries for Archaka swamji and Paricharaka swamiji without any hardship

Kainkarya dhars
Proposed Monthly salary (A)
Proposed Expenditure for seven temples
B = (A x 7)
Current contributions#
Deficit per month
D = B-C
Deficit per year
E =12 x D

We request the charitable trust/philanthropists/Individuals to  send their contribution by way of DD/Cheque favouring

4/83, Purushothan Koil Street,
Sirkali Taluk,
Nagai District,
Tamil Nadu.
A/c No. 6027064799
Code No: S108, IFSC Code : IDIB000S108.
SB  A/cNo.608801152764
Mailaduthuri Branch
CodeNo.6088, IFSC:ICIC0006088

If you need any further clarification on this please contact Mr.A.PURUSHOTHAMAN, Mob: 9750251058

e.mail  Id:

THirunangur Rajagopala Perumal

We are glad to have donors who have carried out major projects like temple renovation on a large scale (about Rs. 20-30 lakhs) and they continue/volunteer to do the same for the second time for all the seven temples . In simple words, structurally all the seven temples are in a better shape now and we would like to improve further on other fronts in a phased manner like paying salaries to temple kainkarydars/temple staff and creating amenities for the visiting sevarthis. This is a tall order with our current income and we desire to adopt a mission mode approach to achieve the above said targets. In this context, we would like to give top priority to raise funds for giving a stable salary to our “Temple Kainkaryadhars” . A detailed account with estimates is provided in a tabular form (see annexure).

We hereby request all Bhaktas/philanthropists/Trusts and others to contribute liberally to the noble cause and we shall acknowledge your kind help in this regard. Please join us in the effort of restoring glory to our Divyadesams” for the sake of the present and future generations.

Appeal By : Puru Chari

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  1. dear swamin,

    please re-publish the above appeal for corpus fund so that the daily pooja and other festivals, kainkaryams to be done without any interruption.

    adiyen dasan
    mob:- 9750251058


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