Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple Unjal Utsavam: Day 2 & 3



Manmadha Varusha Day 2 Unjal Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Vaduvur on 30th October 2015. On this occasion, Sri Ramar and Sita Piratti along with Sri Lakshmanar had beautiful Alangaram followed by Unjal Sevai. Similarly. In the evening, Violin program and Inisai Kacheri took place. Vaduvur is Located 24kms South East of Thanjavur off the Pattukottai Highway and 14kms West of Mannargudi is the Kothandaramar temple at Vaduvur.

To view the Day 1 Utsavam please visit: Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple Unjal Utsavam: Day 1

To know about Vaduvur Temple please visit:  Sri Kothandaramar – Vaduvur

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_05 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_02 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_00 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_04 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_03 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_06 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_08

Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_02 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_00 Vaduvur-Sri-Kothandaramaswamy_01

Courtesy: Vaduvur Kothandaramaswamy Temple

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