Tirumala Tirupathi Manmadha Varusha Brahmotsavam : Day 6


ttd_18.jpgOn the sixth day of Srivari Brahmotsavam, the presiding deity Lord Venkateswara gives darshan to his devout followers on the Hanuman Vahanam. Hanuman is considered one of the top devotees of Lord Vishnu in one of his avatars as Lord Rama. He is also hailed as a exponent of all four vedas, Nava vyakarana pundit and destroyer of Lanka. Hanuman is considered as an embodiment of Wisdom, Muscle power, success, Braveness, health, over active, fearless and common sense. One of the hillocks on the Tirumala hill range is also named as Anjanadri. He is also known as Vayu Putra of Anjana born out of power of ‘tapas’, Hanuman. Thus the darshan of Lord Venkateswara along with Hanuman is considered not only auspicious but also as an high intellectual association. Hanuman is also described as Bhavishyat Brahma for his blessings and acts denote a special and spiritual path for everyone to abide and to lead a peaceful and prosperous livelihood.

On the sixth day of Srivari Brahmotsavam, the presiding deity Lord Venkateswara gives darshan to his devout followers on the dazzling and bright Swarna Ratham. The processional deity Lord Malayappa gives darshan to scores of devotees in grand style as his vehicle is preceded by Shunya ratham of Brahma and other chariots dragged by Elephant, Ashwa and Vrushaba (bull). Thousands of devotees thronged the hill shrine and took part in the rathotsavam. The devotees got the opportunity of having a glimpse of the deities atop the golden chariot (Swarna Ratham). The utsava murtis (processional deities) adorned with dazzling ornaments, were brought in a procession from the temple to the Ratha Mantapam near the shrine and were placed on the golden chariot after a brief ceremony.

Every day is a festival day in Tirumala and the Lord Sri Venkateswara enjoys giving darshan to large number of devotees in open along with his consorts and entourage comprising of nine other than Lord Brahma, the creator Himself. On the sixth day of Salakatla Brahmotsavam Lord is taken out in procession on Elephant (Gaja) or Airavatham as his vahanam. The vahanam bearing the utsava murthies of Malayapppa and his consorts is lofted on the vehicle made in shape of elephant (Gaja) covered in gold and is considered to be one of the most auspicious and enthralling vehicles of Lord Venkateswara next to Garuda Vahanam since time immemorial.

The following are the photos taken duting the Occasion:


ttd_08.jpg ttd_09.jpg ttd_15.jpg ttd_16.jpg ttd_22.jpg ttd_17.jpg ttd_21.jpg ttd_23.jpg ttd_06.jpg ttd_03.jpg ttd_20.jpg ttd_24.jpg ttd_04.jpg ttd_14.jpg ttd_19.jpg ttd_05.jpg ttd_02.jpg ttd_07.jpg ttd_12.jpg ttd_11.jpg ttd_01.jpg ttd_13.jpg ttd_10.jpg

Courtesy: Sekhar Perumal, TTD

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