Srimath Rahasyatraya Saaram Kalakshepam By Sri U.Ve Kurichi Narayanachariar Swami


Sri U.Ve Kurichi Narayanachariar swami’s will be doing Srimath Rahasyatraya Saaram Kalakshepam in Skype from 19th August 2015. The Kalakshepam will  take place twice in a week  in the morning 6.15 to 7.30 A.M IST .Interested Srivaishnavas can Contact swamin or mail to Swami email id for further enquiries

Swami is a savant of Sri VaiSnava siddhantha and has done his kalakshepam under the thiruvadi of Sri Purusai Krishnamachariar swami and later on from PerukArani Swami . Request interested Srivaishnavas to attend and get benefited from Swami’s lucid explanation of  Swami Desikan Magnum opus Srimath Rahasyatraya Saaram.

Those who wish to have kalakshepam in different time slot  can also contact Sri U.Ve Kurichi Narayanachariar  through email or phone.

Details to contact

Email ID :

Skype ID : kidambiachaan

Phone : +91-8754406213

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