Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 17


Srirangam Namperumal purappadu-1 2015

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram  by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan) Day-17  Pasuram-8 (contd……..)

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 8

On 30th April Ubha. Ve. Dr. Lakshmikumara Tatachariar continued his discourse on Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiraan. In Pasuram-8 the term’ Arangattamalan ‘ is used.The term ‘Amalan’ is used in the first pasuram itself. SriNrisimhavatharam Perumal takes  a Form which is neither animal nor human. He is untouched by the lowliness of a place. His blood smeared vastram does not appear nasty. ‘ Aadhi’ indicates that He is ‘Jagath kaaranam'(The Cause of Creation)He is the upadana,nimmitha and sahakari kaaranam.He is Paratvam and is ‘Sath shabdavachyan’. Kainkaryam should be done to Him alone. At this juncture swami explained the purport of the word ‘Daya’. What is Mercy? Is  showing sympathy mercy?’ Paradukhanivaranam'(relieving the cause of sorrow) is Daya. That is when the cause of the misery is addressed  to and the person’s trouble goes then it qualifies as’Daya’. This is what Nrisimha did .By taking ‘poornavatharam’ of Nrisimha He put an end to Prahlada’s woes. He could have put Hiranyakasipu to death by mere sankalpam from Srivaikuntam. Like Srirama who went to enemy ground ,took the help of monkeys and bears built a bridge across the ocean and put an end to Ravana Nrisimha too defeated the enemy on ‘enemy-ground’. The Sethu was His gift for the future generations. Just sighting ‘The Sethu’ is enough to burn our papams, what then will a dip in the Sethu not beget?  As Nrisimhan He revealed His ‘Sousheelyam ‘ when He came for the sake of a child. Like a father jumps into the swamp to rescue his son who has fallen inside, He came to Hiranya sabha and rescued Prahlada. As ‘antaryami’ He makes our heart His Home and is ‘kaalatraya swami'(He is The past, present and future) lives in the middle of blood and bones. In Srirangam He assumes a ‘prakrutha shariram’ and loses His ‘swaswamibhaavam'(His authority and ownership) willingly. He behaves like an ‘ashakthan'(incapable) and becomes a toy in the hands of archakas. We get attracted to His ornaments, different alamkarams and various dresses and our indhiriyas (senses) turn towards Him. His ‘sevai'(having His darshan) alone is enough. His ‘Divya-chakhus'(divine eyes) bestow sarvamangalam to all. It is Piratti who makes His glances fall on us. The person who gets His kataksham while in the mother’s womb is said to get’ jaayamana-kataksham’ which makes him get acharya sambandam , prappathi and deliverence. His ‘Tirumukhamandalam’ is cool like the moon but Rangachandra does not wax and wane .This Moon is always ‘Poorna'(Full). In Srivaikuntam we have no sun or moon. It is lit up by His ‘kaanthi’. Kariiya agip puddai parandu’ refers to black rain-bearing clouds. This is His colour and represents ‘vatsalyam’. Talking about kataksham Rama asks Seetha to cast Her glances on SriLanka after Ravana is defeated because He wishes Vibhishana’s Lanka to be prosperous.

 ‘Milirndu’ is indicative of ‘anugraha kataksham’ Tiruppanazhwar says The Eyes which stretch from Ear to Ear and cannot be understood by sastras and whose Glory can never be gauged fully have fallen upon me and taken me away from small pleasures.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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