Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 51


THirunarayur Nachiyar Kovil Srinivasa perumal


5/3/2015 was the 51st day of Tirunedunthankadam upanyasam of Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami at Tirukundanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam. Swami began the talk by saying that our sampradhaya owes a lot to Tirukudanthai Aravamudhan. Nathamunigal who used to serve Mannanar in Kattumannarkoil one day heard a group of wandering minstrels sing “Aravamudhe” pasuram and was simply enraptured by the wordings. He desired to know about the thousand of which it was a part. The singers directed him to Azhwar Tirunagari where he met one Parankusa dasar . He told Nathamunigal about Madurakaviazhwar’s “kanninum Siruthambu” pasurams and how on chanting them 10,000 times Nammazhwar sakshathkaram (manifestation) was possible. In full faith Nathamunigal repeated the pasurams 10,000 times and received in yoga dasha not only Nammazhwar’s1000 pasurams of Tiruvaymozhi but also 3000 pasurams created by other azhwars.Thus it is that we have with us the “Naalayira Divya Prabhandham” as also 108 divyadesams.

In the 28th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam Parakala nayaki tells her friend what she thinks are the reasons for Perumal not coming to her. Separation makes her longing for Him grow, she is sad and says “Let Him come and I will tie Him up, I will not look at Him, did He not desert me after giving me the ananda-rasam (happiness) of union? “Parakala nayaki says she will gift the beautiful park filled with water-bodies to the naarai (crane) if he conveys her message and feelings to Perumal . Once gifted away the naarai owns the nandavanam and can move there freely without interference. The purport conveyed is that once saranagathi is done we and everything we own belongs to Perumal. We have no independence or swamitvam (ownership rights).He can do whatever He pleases with us.

Parakala nayaki tells her friend ,”He went to Lanka and destoyed the city and its king Ravana, Is He proud of His parakramam(valour) and is that why He has not come to me?” A  scholaronce  visited Tirupathi and when he did not get darshan of Srinivasa he asks Him, “Are you proud of your riches that you don’t even look at me, wait wait. you will need me when Paratatva sthapanam has to be done?” Vibhishana advised his brother Ravana to return Seetha to Rama but he did not listen.A good minister should not flatter , he should have his master’s “hitham (welfare) in mind and not do flattery but hitham is not liked and thus Vibhishana left his brother and joined Rama. Rama is ready to accept not only Vibhishana but Ravana himself if he apologised. After fighting with Ravana and rendering him weaponless and chariot-less Rama allows him to go and have a good night’s sleep and come back to fight with new energy and weapons and chariot. He wishes him to either become friends with Him or to come equipped for war. The Karuna kakustan who let Kakasuran who offended Piratti Herself , live would readily forgive Ravana. Parakala nayaki says “I will not even look at Him but is that possible when He actually arrives?” Not possible for did not the Kauravas pass a resolution not to stand up when Krishna entered the court of Hasthinapuram but when He actually came they all not only stood up but offered Him chatram chamaram etc. Such was the charisma of Kesava (One with Beautiful Hair).

Parakala nayaki too for sure could not have turned her face away. She then remembers His Vamana/ Trivikrama avathara when He measured the three worlds. Then she remembers Krishnavatharam where He did all sort of odd-jobs for the Pandavas. He rode the chariot of Arjuna and obeyed his injunctions. He went as a messenger of the Pandavas and after doing so much for his bhakthas, He felt that He had not done enough. When Arjuna sees his relatives and gurus and friends on the enemy side he does not want the war. This is when Krishna tells him that as a kshatriya he has to fight and he is just a nimmithan (instrumental). The end of the kauravas was decided the moment He made the sankalpam. Even as Parakala nayaki is talking to her friend she tells her” Let Him come ,I know how to tie Him up.” He can be tied up by love and bhakthi alone. He can be tied up by doing nitya karmas, aradhanam , by  developing vairagyam. He gets tied up by acharyas with their gnanam, vairagyam and anushtanam. What if He does not get tied up and deserts you her friend asks? In that case Parakala nayaki says she will spend time thinking of the good days of union and enjoyment. “I will not speak to Him, I will not let Him go away. My eyes keep looking at Him and me and every body-part and indhriyas (sense-organs) long for Him. Smaranam (remembering and recollecting) is enough for me says Parakala nayaki . When our acharyas leave for paramapadam we remember the good days we spent with them. We remember their kind words. their teachings , their upakarams and the manner in which they taught us. These memories gives satisfaction and the feeling that they are always with us to guide and lead us even if they are not present physically.

A prappan should spent his life on earth doing archanubhavam ,offering flowers and Tulasi and by doing as much kainkaryam(selfless service) as possible and by associating with Bhaghavathas .

Writeup & Video By : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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