Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 48


Thiruvali Thirunagari Thirumangai Azhwar


28.2.2015 was the anusandhanam of the 26th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam . Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami began the upanyasam by saying that saranagathi should not be postphoned. There is no caste-barrier and there are no restrictions regarding birth for prappathi. The only requirement is belief in Sriman Narayana and the understanding that He alone is to be worshipped. Aakinchinyam(admitting our incapability) and Ananyagathithvam (no other solace) are the only reqirements. A shisyai of Tirukudanthai Andavan had a close friend , a Christian who was seriously sick. She wanted Prappathi to be done for her. Andavan swami said that  if she accepted Vishnu alone as Perumal, bharanyasam would be done.Prappathi was done for her and she recovered from her illness and followed the do’s and dont’s of a prappanan.Similarly there is no need to look for a muhurtham, thithi or nakshatram for taking bharanyasam.

 Coming to the 26th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam ,Parakala nayaki worships Terazhundur Amuriviappan and sends a honey-bee as her messenger to Periya Perumal. Parakala nayaki is in the state of Parankusa nayaki when separated from Perumal. Like Parankusa nayaki who sends bees and birds as messengers to her Nayakan, Parakala nayaki sends a honey-bee with her message to Perumal. When Periya Perumal presents Himself before Parakala nayaki in her dream she is not able to convey her feelings for Him directly as He is in the company of prappanas and bhakthas. So Parakala nayaki requests a honey-bee who is sucking nectar from flowers in the company of a female honey-bee to be her messenger. Parakala nayaki’s reference to a pair of honey-bees is significant as they represent Perumal/ Piratti who together form Paratatvam. The honey bee is called shatpadam ( six-legged )and indicates the six qualities of an acharyan that is adhyayanam, adhyapakam, yaagam,and dhanam-pratigraham.Perumal is also shadgunapoornan possessing the qualities of  gnanam, balam, shakthi, ishvaryam, veeryam  and tejas. The honey -bee with its spouse represents grihasthashrama acharyas. The honey sucking bee’s happiness is evident by the marks on its body. So Parakala nayaki asks the bee to go to Terazhundur which is like Gokulam. Perumal dwells there as Gosakhan and takes pride in grazing cows. He is in ‘ninra-tirukolam’ (standing posture)and is karunamurthi. Go and convey my message to Him even if you have to wait and tell Him about my suffering says Parakala nayaki. Afterwards report His reaction and the changes in His facial expressions to me.

The honey-bee represents acharya who are always in touch with Perumal. Padukas remain on the Feet of Perumal and His first glance on waking up falls on Padukas, When Parakala nayaki asks the bee to go to Him the same day the idea conveyed is that prappathi should me done the moment gnanam is born. Draupadhi and Kakasuran were given saranagathi immediately. Bharatha’s saranagathi was delayed for a reason and he was given padhukas first and his saranagathi was honoured after 14 years of vanavasam was over.Acharyas sometimes delay prappathi to a shisyan. This could be to test his firmness or to make him understand the meaning of prappathi(by doing kalakshepam of Swami Desikan’s Rahasyatryasaram) before doing saranagathi. Acharyas by their patience gnanam and anushtanam will offer our atma to Paramatma. They will remember poorvacharyas by chanting their Thaniyans, then they will do saranagathi to Piratti and offer the atma at His Feet. Thus acharyas alone can take us to Him.

Parakala nayaki sends the honey-bee  to Amaruviappan to report her suffering and bring back news of His reaction to her.

Writeup & Video by : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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