Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 46


THirumangai Mannan


On 26/2/2015Ubha.Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami continued with the analysis of Pasuram-24 at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani mandapam. Bedecked with beautiful ornaments Periya Perumal manifests Himself in Parakala nayaki’s dream and captivates her. He gave different sevais to Parakala nayaki and says He does nityavasam (lives eternally) in Srirangam. Being surrounded by prappanas and bhakthas He cannot talk too much with Parakala nayaki but as He mounts on Garuda He says that He is going to Srirangam. His love for us surpasses our love for Him. Even if we show some bhakthi towards Him He comes searching for us. karma yogam means doing karmas ordained by sastras and offering the fruits of the action at the Feet of Perumal. When a prappana sheds his mortal coils  and 13 days are over ‘iyal goshti’ takes place and a learned person who has done adhyayanam (studied) at the feet of a guru explains the path taken by a prappan that is description of the Archirardhi margam we believe it. Faith is an essential part of Bhakthi. The karmas ordained by sastras should be done with shraddha (faith). We enjoy Perumal darshan but sometimes full satisfaction is not there. Parakala nayaki  enjoys Paramandanam(total joy) when she sees Perumal and is devastated when He leaves her saying He is going to Srirangam which lies between two Kaveris .There are 40 divyadesams on the bank of Kaveri. When He says ‘our place’ it indicates that Perumal wants Parakala nayaki to accompany Him to Srirangam. Perumal is described as One with a huge mouth. He swallows the entire universe,protects it  and dissolves it. Creation and destruction happens every day.Shristi (creation) is the obtaining of a body and sense-organs. Jeevatma and Paramatma are eternal but a jeevatma gets a body according to its karma and Paramatma takes avatharam as He desires. Like different kinds of creation pralayam or destruction are also of different kinds. When an army of ants die there is a pralayam or when a whole lot of cockroaches perish. When a dam breaks and lives are lost it is a pralayam. Mahapralayam happens when Brahma becomes 100 years old and the entire creation is destroyed. At this point of time the entire Creation lies dormant in Perumal’s belly.

Peruvayan (One with a huge mouth) could mean Periya Perumal or Srinivasa Perumal. Parakala nayaki says He swallowed all the waters of the oceans and converted them to black rain bearing clouds. Torrential rains sometimes result in devastating floods which is a kind of pralayam. Swami Desikan says the One residing atop the Hathigiri hill swallowed the entire Creation. Actually all divya desa Perumals are endowed with Supreme powers and are not in any way inferior even if there is just mention of His dwelling place. All divyadesa Perumal’s reside in the Tirumeni of Periya Perumal. He is surrounded by bhakthas and bhaghavathas. He is Shabdam and Shabdartham. He listens to Vedams ,He is Yaagam and exists as Everything.

This All Powerful, All goodness Perumal is still approachable. Acharyas are like Him. They attract asthikas and nasthikas towards them and answer questions put to them in a kind and convincing manner. By doing upadesham of  Astakshara mantram they make a prappanan attain the highest zenith namely Srivaikuntam.

Swami then took up the two terms used by Tirumangaiazhwar namely- ‘Perum Thavvathaar’ and ‘Arunthavathar’ and procceeded to explain these terms in a beautiful manner. Perum means big and thavam is tapas. The ones who do big Tapas are those who do saranagathi. Arum thavatthar are those who follow the difficult path of Bhakthi-yogam. Bhakthi yogam is katinam (hard).He practises ashtanga-yogam,contemplates on Perumal all the time and reaches Srivaikuntam after several janmas and at the culmination of his prarabhdha karmas. A prappathiyoga nishtan on the other hand takes sarangathi as upayam(means) ,does shadanga yogam that is Aanukulyasa sankalpam, Prathikulyasya varjanam, exhibits kaarpanyam(utter helplessness) has mahavisvasam(no doubts) and  entrust all their responsibities to  Perumal (goptrutva varnam) and the angi is prappathi. A saranagathan does nityakarmas, archanas, yaagam etc as Bhaghavadh Preethi and does phala thyagam. He is a sukruth and is therefore called as Perum thavathar. Surrounded by Prappanas and bhakthas Periya Perumal is not able to talk openly with Parakala nayaki so He says Srirangam is My destination and holding the shanku (conch) in one hand and chakram(discus) in the other He leaves her weeping  in sadness and makes her so thin that her bangles slip out of her hands.

Video & Writeup  : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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