Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 45


Thirumangai Azhwar Utsavam  2015


Ranganatha showed me His Eyes and captivated me. His Eyes have made many His slaves. Urangavillidasar surrendered totally to Him after beholding His Eyes. Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiran which describes Ranganatha from Feet to crown contains Vedarthams and befitted a commentary by Swami Desikan namely ‘Munivahana Bhogham’. These very eyes bewitched Parakala nayaki and she is filled with His thoughts. He has given me alone this disease laments Parakala nayaki. Perumal gives Tirumangaiazhwar special treatment as observed by Andal in the 15th pasuram of Tiruppavai(unnaku yenna verudaya) Tirumangaiazhwar’s archanubhavam is wonderful. So also Bhattar, Azhwan and Swami Desikan’s. Parakala nayaki says He declared clearly that Tiruvarangam is our city  and He is always surrounded by ‘perum thavatthar'( prappanas) and ‘ arunthavathar ‘(bhakthiyoga nishtan). It is this image that is brought before us while doing dhyanam.Parakalanayaki says,” He said come with Me to Srirangam or stay in Tiruvali Tirunagari if you wish and flew away on Garuda.” Parakalanayaki’s fish-like eyes are filled with tears and she says”don’t go” ! When He came in Parakala nayaki’s dream He revealed that His love for Parakala nayaki was more than her love for Him. But as He is surrounded by prappanas and bhakthas, He cannot declare His love for her openly. When He left on Garuda, Parakala nayaki cried but her mother asked her to wipe her tears as it was not auspicious for a nayaki to cry when her Nayakan was going away.’I controlled my tears says Parakala nayaki, I do not know how to compose poems or to chant existing pasurams, she says.Separation makes her thin and her sankhu (conch) bangles slip away. Oh friend she says He said Srirangam and vanished but do you know He revealed His love for me by singing to me even as He listened to the prappanas and bhakthas doing ‘Brahma-vicharam'(analysing dharma). Bhaghavan alone can talk and listen at the same time says Nathamunigal in ‘Nyaya-Tatvam’. He is Sarvagnan(knows what is happening everywhere without anybody’s help). By His declaration of love He made Parakala nayaki’s longing for Him more. He left me with His thoughts my Nayakan who has the hue of rain-bearing clouds. Bharatha waits longingly for Megha shymalan.Ramanuja longs for uninterupted service at Srivaikuntam. All kainkaryams on earth is limited. Eagerness to do kainkaryam was there in Lakshmana who served Rama and Seetha all 14 years without sharing with anyone. Service was food to him and he felt hungry after returning from vanavasam to Ayodhya when he had to share kainkaryam with Bharatha, Shatrugna and so many others. In Paramapadam continuous service will be possible and our acharyas will be there to feel happy about the kainkaryams done by us.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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