Sama Vedam Talks and Gaanam : Part 3


Saama vedam at Mukkur sannadhi srirangamOn the third meeting with  Sri U.Ve. Devanathan swami salakshana sama Veda vidwan,he gave a small talk before beginning the auspicious “Sama-Gaanam”. Anushtaanam is very important for a brahmana. Dharmam is Vedam and Vedam is the kavacham (armour) for Perumal. Vedams prevent the indhiriyas (sense-organs) from wandering. Vedadhyayanam fosters subheeksham. Rishis have nurtured Vedams and it is the duty of brahmanas to learn , teach and practise Vedams. Each padam has meaning. Vedams are like perfumed high quality flowers offered for Perumal’s archana. When Vedhadhyayanam is done according to kramam kshemam happens. Timely rains will make the earth prosperous. Attention should be given to each swaram.The  person chanting should have respects towards his parents and guru. Bhaghavan’s “Preethi” is obtained by chanting Vedams. He does anugraham . Rk and Sama are like a dampathi(husband and wife).

Listen to Swami and his sons chant…….

Writeup & Video  :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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