Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 34


THiruvelukkai Thirumangai Azhwar

Tirunedunthandagam Pasuram-15

28/1/2015 was Day-34 0f Ubha Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s discourse at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam. After recapturing the previous day’s pasuram in brief swami moved on to the chanting and explanation of Pasuram -15.

Parakala nayaki   is in such a state that she is unable to speak so she asks  the parrot she has brought up to go and convey her state to Perumal. The parrot repeats exactly what has been taught .This makes Parakala nayaki happy and she folds her hands in namaskaram. There are some instances when a guru has saluted his shishyan. When Periazhwar returned from Madurai after establishing “Paratvam  ”he went to Vatapatrasayee with the  golden parrot he had won. Vatapatrasayee was elated and said “welcome”.Vatapatrasayee was periazhwar’s guru who had taught him the pertinent Vedas which helped him establish Paratvam. Perumal   the prathamacharyan praises his shishyan. Similarly swami Desikan was raised by Deva Perumal, Deepa Prakasar and Kidambi Appullar . Swami Desikan would pray to a particular divyadesa Perumal before composing a grantham about Him. Nadathur ammal  and Appular were proud that Swami Desikan outdid them.and offered pranams. Mangalasasnams can be done by the young and the old. Thus Parakala nayaki who is in the state of Parankusa nayaki is so overwhelmed by the parrot’s talk that she offers pranams to it.

Parakala nayaki gets enthused on hearing the parrot talk. As the parrot talks about an archa-murthi Parakala nayaki   remembers details and specialties of that Perumal. She pictures the Perumal as if He is infront of her. She picks up the veena and plays on it. She sings as she plays the veena and is joined by the parrot. Parakala nayaki’s mother tells her friend about the experience of her daughter. We have experienced musical notes reverberating in our minds after a musical performance is over. Similarly the highlights of a discourse are recalled in our mind much after a discourse is done. NamPerumal’s purappadu would be over and He would have returned to garbha-griham but Parasara Bhattar swami with folded palms would we following the path taken by NamPerumal on the veethis (roads) of Srirangam .At this juncture swami said that we should walk at least some distance with Perumal during purappadu. Athithis(guests) should be welcomed and seen off till the gate or till the end of the street. Coming back to Parakala nayaki stringing the veena seated and balanced on her chest singing along with her pet parrot produces music of the highest quality. Though the notes of the veena are melodious the sound of veena during “Veena ekantham” and during Tirupalliezhuchi at Srirangam are unparalled. Tirumangai azhwar often remembers Kacchi (Kanchipuram) divyadesams and Deva Perumal the Protector of Brahma. While singing Parakala nayaki remembers the pranks of Krishna and a smile comes across her lips very much like the smile Krishna sported after doing something naughty.  Everything about Perumal is Beautiful- His Speech is Beautiful, His Yoga nidra( sleep) is Beautiful  and His Smile is Beautiful. Parakala nayaki remembers an incident in Krishnavathara:

Yashodha like all mothers asks Krishna to study-

Yashodha- Krishna study !

Krishna- Study what amma?

Yashodha- Vedas and sastras

Krishna- Why?

Yashodha- To attain   bhakthi(devotion) and vairagyam

Krishna- For what purpose?

Yashodha- To attain mukthi

Krishna- Just give me butter, I will give mukthi.

This makes Parakala nayaki smile. She remembers how Yashodha saw the 14 worlds inside Krishna’s mouth and smiles.

While playing on the veena her soft fingers get red and her mind travels to Kanchi with tall rampart walls surrounded by 16 divyadesams. “Kalliru” is elephant and signifies Hasthigiri. This divyadesam is filled with the perfume of flowers .Hasthigiri Varadarajan  is the Highest Tatvam  Her mind travels to Ksheerabdhi  where in Ksheerasagaram(ocean of milk)  He resides as Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradhyumna and Anniruddha. Accompanied by the veena and the parrot my daughter sings about the three Tirukolams(postures)- of sayanam(sleeping), irundha (seated) and ninra (standing) Tirukolams says the mother of Parakala nayaki to her friend.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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