Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 27


Sri Namperumal

Thiruppavai Sattrumurai

Ubha Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s Tiruppavai sattrumurai was done on 15/1/2015 at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Srirangam. Bhaghavan’s avatharams as also the avatharams of azhwars and acharyas  happen inorder to impart gnanam (true knowledge). The divine outpourings of azhwars wake up bhakthi within us . Jeevathmas actually deserve a place on Perumal’s chest like the Kausthubham. But we disobey His commands due to agnanam (ignorance). Every service done on earth is mixed with dukham (sorrow) but the kainkaryam we will be doing in Srivaikuntam is totally Anandamayam ( pure happiness). Perumal is Saarvabhouman and we have to attain His rajyam (empire) which we have lost and live there in eternal service.

Acharya sambandam is the first step towards Bhaghavan’s kataksham. An acharyan makes us realize who we are and make us do the necessary upayams (methods). 96 years after the advent of Kali yugam, in the Tamil month of Aadi when Poorva phalguni (Pooram) nakshatram was in ascendance Godha took avatharam in the Tulasivanam of periazhwar. Periazhwar picked up the beautiful girl-child and named Her Godha. She was an amsam of Bhumi Piratti and Kamala (Lakshmi). Periazhwar   raised Her on Krishna stories. So much was She involved with Krishna that when periazhwar wanted to get Her married She refused to marry anyone but Krishna. Periazhwar told Her that Krishnavathara was over in Dwaparayugam. He asked Her to observe the pavai nonmbu in the month of Marghasheersha (Margazhi) like the gopis of Vrindavanam. So Andal observes the Margazhi Nonbu for 30days. The brahmana women of Srivilliputthur were gopis , Vatapatrasayee  was Krishna and She was a gopi too. In Nachiyar Tirumozhi She asks Manmatha the god who unites couples to unite Her with Krishna. She scolds Krishna for breaking the sand castles they built on the banks of Yamuna.  She gets jealous of the Panchajanyam which remains so close to Him.  She calls out to Srinivasa of Tirumalai and Azhaghar of Tirumalirumcholai .  She wishes to offer 100 vessels of Akkaravadisal to Azhaghar and offers 100 vessels of butter to Him. This wish of Hers was fulfilled much later by Ramanujacharya who became known as “Godhagraja” (the elder brother of Godha). Then She dreams of Her wedding in”varanamayiram” and addresses Sri Nrisimhan the never failing God in the lines of Rukmini Piratti. Rukmini Piratti did prappathi through Her slokams and He did rakshanam. (protection). Seetha  Pirrati exhibits a prappana’s state of mind when  She refuses to go with Hanuman to reach Rama. Prappathi is done only once and there is no need to worry about one’s atma after Prappathi anushtanam is done. In sirrum sirukale Andal does saranagathi and asks for niranthara kainkaryam ( continuous service). Nachiyar Tirumozhi tells us about the post prappathi period.

Godha dressed Herself , wore ornaments and flowers and looked at Herself in the well in her house One day Periazhwar discovered Her thus wearing the flowers which were to be offered to Vatapatrasayee .That day no flowers were offered to Perumal and Perumal told periazhwar that He desired only the flowers worn by Godha. Thenceforth Godha became Andal. Periazhwar introduces his Daughter to the Perumals of different divyadesams conducting a virtual swayamvaram for Her. Starting from Badrinathan he talks about the Perumals of Sri Salagramam, Ahobilam, Tiruvenkatam, Tiruvallur, Aravamudhan and others. Andal desires” sarvarcharoopi Ranganatha “of Srirangam.Periazhwar brings his daughter to Srirangam and after bathing in North Kaveri they have Thayar’s darshanam before proceeding to Periya Perumal. Periazhwar does mangalasanams remembering all azhwar sukthis and turns back to realize that Andal is not with him. He laments the separation from his Lakshmi –like daughter and desires a proper Vedic wedding for Her. So Ranganatha sends Her back. Periazhwar makes all arrangements for the Divine wedding and Ranganatha reaches Srivilliputhur on Garuda accompanied by Poigaiazhwar, Sanaka Sanandhana and others. Six lakhs of Brahmana dampathis attend the wedding. The gotra/pravaram of the bride and bridegroom are announced in a loud voice and all vedic rituals are observed. During laaja homam (offering of puffed rice) Andal prays for the long life of Her bhakthas. Periazhwar says “iyam Godha mama sutha….(This is my daughter Godha, hold Her hands . She will follow You like a shadow ). This Paani grahanam is a very important ritual   After the wedding sumptuous  annadanam happens. Garudazhwar is accorded pride of place with the Divya Dampathis inside the garbha graham ( the sanctum sanctorum) .Periazhwar becomes the father-in-law of all archamurthis but the sakshath swhasuran (father-in-law) of Ranganatha.

With this Tiruppavai thirty pasurams were concluded . Mysore-pak was distributed by swami to everyone assembled. Devotees distributed sugar-candy and flowers and sambhavanai was done to swami. From 17/1/2015 swami will take up Tirunedunthandakam exclusively.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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