Therazhundur Sri Amaruviappan Temple Irappathu Utsavam : Day 6 to 8

Therazhundur Sri Amaruviappan Temple Irappathu  utsavam Day 6 & 7   2014-28
As part of the ongoing Irappathu Utsavam of Thiruadhyayana Utsavam at Sri Amaruviappan Temple, Therazhundur. The day 6 to day 8 is celebrated in grand manner from 6th  to 8th January 2015 , On this occasion, Everyday  in the evening, Perumal Ul purappadu took place  followed  by asthanam at mandapam.On 6th Sri Amaruviappan gave Scintillating sevai on Thiruvenkadamudayaan , Namperumal Sevai  and Pachai Satrupadi on the consecutive days.  All Azhwar Acharyas purappadu to mandapam and asthanam. There  Thiruvaimozhi Goshti parayanam followed by satrumurai.  Several astikas  took part in the Irappathu utsavam and had the blessings of Divya Dampathis.
Photography : Smt Radha Vasan
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