Garuda Sevai In Divyadesam And Abhimana Sthalam During Margazhi And Thai Maasam


Nachiyar Kovil Garuda SevaiGaruda Seva (periya thiruvadi) is one of the special vaghanam for Perumal  during Brahmotsavam. Perumal  mounted on Garuda Vahanams, were taken out in a procession and blesses his devotees abundantly in utsava purappadu. Kal Garudan (Stone) at Nachiyar kovil  will be light initially during the start of purappadu so only  four persons carry  from the temple. As it moves, its weight is said to increase and eight, 16 and 32 persons have to carry at different stages to bring it outside the temple . Similarly, when it enters the temple  its weight is said to decrease and finally four persons can place it in its place. Likewise there are many significance of Garuda Sevai in all Divyadesam like Doddacharya Sevai at Kanchipuram. Here is the list of Garuda sevai of Jaya varusham during the month of Margazhi and Thai. All astikas can have darshan of Emperuman in  garuda sevai

Garuda Sevai utsavam 2015 -1 Garuda Sevai utsavam 2015 -2

Courtesy : Sri Gopalakrishnan

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