The Tamil Month Of Karthigai


Karthigai is the name of a Tamil month as also that of a constelation. The Tamil month of Karthigai is between mid November and mid December.  In 2014 it starts on November 17th and concludes on December 15th. The very first day calls for a dip in the Kaveri and goes by the name Mudavan Muzhukhu. Mudavan refers to a lame person. A lame person who wanted to bathe in Thula masam limped a day late and reached for his bath on the first day of Karthigai. Perumal gave him the benefit of Thula snanam and till this day we all reap the benefit of Thula snanam on the first day of Kartigai which goes by the name Mudavan Muzhuku(Dip of the Cripple). Karthigai is the month of lighting lamps. Pure cow’s ghee or sesame oil or ilupa oil are used to light lamps. Every day two mud oil lamps are lit on the threshold of every house. Deepotsavam will be celebrated on Pournami day and  Sokkai Panai will be lit in temples on this day. Thousands of oil and ghee lamps will be offered in temples throughout this month. The ekadashi that falls on Sukla paksham this month is the Kaisika Ekadashi made famous by Tirukurungudi NamPaduvan. We will be celebrating the Thirunakshatram of Thirumangaiazhwar and Thirupanazhwar this month.

The following dates are to be earmarked in Kartigai:

17.11.2014- Start of Kartigai month- Mudavan Muzhuku

18.11.2014- Sarva Ekadashi


26.11.2014-Thirunakshatram of 43rd Srimadh Azhagiasingar

1.12.2014-Thirunakshatram of 45th Srimadh Azhagiasingar

2.12.2014-Sarva Kaisika Ekadashi

5.12.2014-Thirunakshatram of Tirumangai Azhwar/Tirunakshatram of Villur SriNidhi Swami

6.12.2014- Thiruppanazhwar Tirunakshatram-Pancharatra/ Vaikanasa Deepam

8.12.2014-Parasurama Jayanthi

13.12.2014- Thirunakshatram of Chinna Andavan Swami

For Significance of Karthigai and Lighting Lamps please visit  : Karthigai And Lighting Lamps

Writeup By : Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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  1. 04.12.2014- Karthigai Barani- Sri ArulAlaperumal Emberumaanar thirunakshatram.

    14.12.2014- Karthigai Pooram – Thirunakshatram of vanamaamalai kaliyan ramanuja jeeyar swami- 30th pattam.


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