Bhoodathazhwar Thirunakshathram (Aippasi Avittam)


Bhoodathazhwar Thirukadalmallai

Today Aippasi Avittam – 2nd of mudhal three azhwArs- Bhoodhatthazhwar  Birthday (Thirunakshathram)

BhoodatthAzhwAr was born inside a fragrant Maadhavi Pushpam at Thirukkadanmallai divya desam, where Sthala sayana PerumAl is the ArchA mUrthy. He is the amsam of GoumEdaki, the gadhai of Sriman NaarAyaNA.

There are 100 beautiful passurams with great Bhagavadh anubhavam in this Sri Sookthi. The three AzhwArs have been linked to Para Bhakthi, Para Jn~Anam and Parama Bhakthi respectively. In reality, each of them had the good admixture  of all the three types of Bhagavadh anubhavam.

For the sake of coherent linking, the  three AzhwArs distributed their Vaachika kaimkaryams. Poygai felt  that the Lord has to be seen with the most magnificent  external lamp and hence used the radiant Sun as the external lamp (ViLakku).BhUtham taught us that the inner radiance of one’s Jn~Anam has to be used to enjoy the  Lord and that  the external ViLakku without Bhagavadh Kaamam (anbhu) will not help to attain Bhagavadh Darsanam. Thus both the lights were lit and the beneficiary was pEy AzhwAr, who in his ecstasy declared ” ThirukkanDEn, PonmEni  KanDEn “.He Qualified the Lord as mahAlakshmi (Thiru) samEtha NaarAyaNan (Sriman NaarAyaNan)and performed  his mangaLAsAsanam

BhUthatthazhwar stated that he lit the lamp of Jn~Anam  to see the Lord (Jn~AnacchuDar ViLakkERRinEN NaaraNarkku –“).In his 20th paasuram, BhUtham  reveals that only those who reflect on Sriman  NaarAyaNA at all the three sandhis and meditate upon the true meanings of His thousand names will have the blessed life leading to Moksham:

” pazhi paavam kai ahaRRip palkAlum ninnai vazhi vAzhvAr vAzhvArAm –“.

Azhwar mentions to Sriman NaarAyaNA in his last paasuram that the love he has for Him is boundless:

“yenRan aLavenRaal yaanudaya anbu (yaanudaya anbu yenn tann aLavu anRu) “.

Here AzhwAr confesses that his anbhu (prIthi) for the Lord is beyond measurement and is limitless.

In his Second ThiruvandhAthi, he points out that Bhagavadh prIthi is the most important element and all the senses should be engaged in Bhagavadh divya guNAnubhavam incessantly. He points out further  that the Lord is Aasritha sulabhan and that we should  hail aloud His divya naamAs along with those of His PirAtti and that kind of existence during one’s life here would surely help us attain Moksha Phalam and nithya Kaimkarya anugraham at Parama padham.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Writeup By : Sri Madhavakannan

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